Sophia cespuglio, bush The Sophia Picture Hunt ♥

MsJeremyGilbert posted on Nov 22, 2010 at 05:16PM
Credits go to the Nina Dobrev spot.

I will describe a picture and you have to post that picture. The person who posts the picture has to describe a picture for the next person to do and so on.

Make sure that when describing a picture you know its exists because if no one posts it in 3 days then the one who described it has to post it along with another description.

Have fun!

I'll start :

1: Any picture of Sophia

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più di un anno fa DelenaLover said…
2: Sophia & James Lafferty
 2: Sophia & James Lafferty
più di un anno fa MsJeremyGilbert said…
3: Sophia & Hilarie Burton
 3: Sophia & Hilarie burton
più di un anno fa gemzybabyox said…
4: Sophia & Austin Nichols
 4: Sophia & Austin Nichols