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Opinion by Chibi-Chipette posted più di un anno fa
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10. Kenny McCormick
Kenny has più to his character than just dying all the time, he's developed a personality now. He deserves to be in the superiore, in alto 10 because he is very caring to his sister, Karen, da using Mysterion to protect her from bullies, and got a job just so he could buy her a doll. I used to not care for him at all, but now he's one of my favorites.

9. Pete
Pete is the goth boy with the red hair. I see più in him than just some faggy goth kid. If he had an episode to himself, it would be very deep and meaningful. He'll do crazy things to make sure things don't go overboard, like sneaking in the camp to save his friend Henrietta and stop the emos from taking over, o burning down Hot Topic to stop the vampires.

8. Bebe Stevens
Everyone thinks of Bebe as the dumb blonde stereotype of South Park, but she is actually shown to be smart. It requires lots of thinking to change all those spots to the ones she wanted in The List, and in Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society, she knew that she would have to work for what she wanted instead of having everything handed to her in life. She also has good leadership skills.
Fan fiction by kawaiibecky128 posted più di un anno fa
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[South Park Elementary. The kids arrive at the classroom and they all talk. Mr Garrison arrives]

Mr Garrison: Okay, class, take your seats. We have-

[the kids ignore him and they keep ralking]

Mr Garrison: I detto take your goddamn seats!!

[the kids stop talking and they sit down]

Mr Garrison: Alright. So as I was saying, we have a new student that will be joining in our class.

Cartman: What? New student?

Butters: Is it a boy?

Clyde: If it is, we can mostra him how to throw rocks at people's trucks!

All boys: Yeah!

Mr Garrison: Okay! That's enough! Anyways, to answer your question, no. It's not a boy.

Cartman: Aw, what?

Kyle: I almost knew it.

Stan: Then is it a girl?

Mr Garrison: Well, apparently, yes. Now I want all of te to be nice to her. And if I hear one bad segnala from her, you're going to be in big tro Everyone.
Opinion by dragons0214 posted più di un anno fa
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I have noticed that majority of people who have Kyle as their preferito character share something in common. Most of them have been persecuted for something about them, whether that be religion, physical o mental ability, etc. Kyle? He's always being made fun of for being jewish da Carman. When people watch south park and witness them, there is a large portion thta can say" I've experienced Kyle's pain. i know what it feels like to be going through what he's going through." It's how relatable he can be . I know that I can relate to him. I've been persecuted for many things about me. In fact, Kyle has aught me how to deal with it, through the things that he does on the show. Matt Stone and Trey Parker deserve a good pat on the back. They've sucessfully created what can probably be easily called the most relatable character in cartoon history. Keep u[p the good work, guys.
Opinion by dragons0214 posted più di un anno fa
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Throughout the south park fandom that i have witnessed, I have noticed a pattern. Whenever I ask someone who their preferito south park character is, they always say Kenny, Kyle, and rarely Stan. The thing that I have noticed is that nobody says that Cartman is their preferito character. I think that I have a theory why. Over the years Cartman has shown himself to be più evil, compared to the cartman of the nineties who detto some innocent stuff that would have been called rascist if someone older detto it. Eventually, viewers like myself ask," How could someone like someone so evil and heartless?" Because of this, people change their preferito character to someone with higher morals, like Kenny, Stan, o my favorite, Kyle. I know that My Amore for Kyle might explain why I think this way of Cartman, but I wanted to throw this into the air.Also, I'm not saying that I hate people whoCartman is their preferito character.
Fan fiction by Yellowflash1102 posted più di un anno fa
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Chapter 1: Douchebag the Thief

"Deep in the lands of Zaron, the humans of Kupa Keep struggle to stay alive as they are attacked da the wicked Drow Elves of Larnion.

Darkness falls… as the humans beg their King to save them; a noble King, known only as the Grand Wizard.

For a thousand years the battle has been waged, with only the bravery of the Grand Wizard to protect his human followers.

But even though the Wizard King is so undeniably cool, the Drow Elf armies continue their attacks. They seek the humans' most treasured relic – The Stick of Truth.

But the tides of war are soon to change, as news of a "new" kid spreads throughout the land. In order to save the humans, the Grand Wizard must get to the new kid before the Drow Elves can manipulate his mind, and use him to take the sacred relic from human hands.

For whomever controls the stick… controls the universe…"
Review by Yellowflash1102 posted più di un anno fa
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South Park is an American adult animated sitcom created da Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central Televisione network. Intended for mature audiences, the mostra has become famous for its crude language and dark, surreal humor that satirizes a wide range of topics. The ongoing narrative revolves around four boys—Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick—and their bizarre adventures in and around the titular Colorado town.

Parker and Stone developed the mostra from two animated shorts they created in 1992 and 1995. The latter became one of the first Internet viral videos, which ultimately led to its production as a series. South Park debuted in August 1997 with great success, consistently earning the highest ratings of any basic cable program. Subsequent ratings have varied but it remains one of Comedy Central's highest rated shows, and is slated to air through at least 2016.[3] The pilot episode was produced using cutout animation. All subsequent episodes are created with software that emulates the cutout technique. Parker and Stone perform most of the voice acting. Since 2000, each episode is typically written and produced during...
Article by shanepalamara posted più di un anno fa
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On Valentine's Day, a young couple have a picnic at the park and when they share their first kiss, a Cupid-mask wearing figure shoots two arrows into their butts. The two are sent to the hospital and the police keep an eye out for anyone with arrows. Later on, Mr. Garrison makes out with his boyfriend and is eventually shot da an Arrow in the butt da the figure who stands at the window. The police stand all around town keeping an eye out for anyone who looks suspicous. Soon, everyone in town goes to the town hall to complain about being shot in the butt da a cupid-mask wearing maniac. Since Liane Cartman is the only adult who has not found love, the town decides to create a fake man on a piece of cardboard and pretend like Liane is in Amore with him so the police can catch the Valentine's giorno maniac. The plan works as the maniac attempts to shoot Liane in the butt with an arrow, but the police stop them and the maniac is revealed as Grandpa Marsh who has payed online for robotic legs, has never found love, and hates Valentine's giorno because of that reason so he wanted to get back at all the horny people of South Park. The police decide to let the incident go which is a punishment for...
Article by siarra1014 posted più di un anno fa
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Omg i Amore south park i cry my eyes out with laughther it is so hilarious who ever made this mostra should get a thumbs up he o she is awesome i like there new episodes. te should watch it. its really funny some people dont like it and say its to inapropiate but they need to let loose and get ahold of themselves.because this mostra should be rewarded most funniest show. thumbs up if u Amore this show. and im new on fanpop my friend detto its cool and lot of nice people - i dont believe her- i recomend u to watch this ok sorry for my typeing its kinda wrong i type way to fasts.
News by missdada15 posted più di un anno fa
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Season 16 - When? 

Season 16 is expected to air on Comedy Central on Wednesday, March 14 At 10:00 P.M. (2012)

So the mostra is gonna go on?

Following the episode “You’re Getting Old”, the last episode in Season 15 before the mid-season break, rumors started to circulate that SP was about to be cancelled..

But don't worry-Season 16 is a GO!

Season 17..?

It is also detto that season 17 will air in 2013.

Season 20..?:D


Fan fiction by ThreadbareSP posted più di un anno fa
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This is the third and final part of "Charlie," but the end of this just marks the end of the first "episode" of "The Charlie Arc."


Kyle, Stan, Ike, and Charlie are sitting on the floor in Kyle's room when Mrs. Broflovski (Sheila) knocks on the door and peeks in.

SHEILA: Kyle, sweetie, can I talk to te for a minute?

KYLE: Mo-om!

SHEILA: Now, Kyle!

They walk into the hall. Stan shrugs at Charlie. Ike crawls into her lap.

IKE: Kyle.

SHEILA: Kyle, I don't think I'm comfortable with te playing with your new friend.

KYLE: Why not?

SHEILA: Well, he's dirty and bruised… Did he get in a fight today?

KYLE: No. She came to school like that. And she's a girl, Mom.

SHEILA: Kyle, how many times have I told te to talk with me before te have a girl come to our house?

KYLE: Never. I don't think it's ever come up before.
Fan fiction by ThreadbareSP posted più di un anno fa
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This is Part 2 of the first episode of The Charlie Arc. Check out Part 1 if te haven't read it yet.


The boys and Charlie are at Stan's house, in his bedroom. Mrs. Marsh (Sharon) knocks and comes in with cookies.

SHARON: Stan, I think it's so nice that te invited all your little Friends over!

STAN: Sure, Mom.

SHARON: And it's so nice that te finally made a new friend! What did te say his name was?

STAN: Charlie. And she's a girl.

SHARON: Of course, sweetheart. Have a nice time, kids!

She exits.

STAN to Charlie: Sorry about that.

CHARLIE: It's okay. Thanks for inviting me over.

KYLE: It's probably the least he could do considering he let te get together with Bebe.

CARTMAN: Well guys, I'm not entirely convinced that Charlie—IF that is your name—[Charlie looks a little confused] is actually a girl. Maybe he's just pretending 'cause he's gay.
Fan fiction by ThreadbareSP posted più di un anno fa
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NOTE: This piece is written in the form of a script. It's rated T for language only. Mr. Garrison speaks for Mr. Hat. Kenny's lines are parenthesized to indicate that they are muffled. This story takes place when the kids are in the third grade.


The episode starts with the typical shot of South Park Elementary. Inside, the third grade class is crowded around Kenny's desk. He's drinking something out of a small can.

CLASS: Chug! Chug! Chug!

Mr. Garrison walks into the room.

MR. GARRISON: Okay kids, take your seats.

The class ignores him and continues.

CLASS: Chug! Chug! Chug!

MR. GARRISON: Shut up and take your goddamn seats! And Kenny, throw that in the trash.

The kids scatter to their seats and Kenny walks to the trash and throws away the can.

MR. GARRISON: Okay, children, we have some exciting news for you! A new student will be joining our class later today!
Review by LilRabb posted più di un anno fa
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So yeah since i was REALLY looking inoltrare, avanti to this ep i thought i could do a small review on it, also i thought we could like discuss it and such , since most people who watched it either disliked it o loved it! (:
~*~ Long rant below SORRY ~*~
Sooo personally; I LOVED it!
Firstly, The Stan story = A+ I liked how they added in how alcohol makes the world such a lovely place- Epic!Seeing Stan drunk was made me giggle and his little "F*ck off Kyle.... i Amore you...F*ck off Kyle" Was pretty funny and cute too! I also liked how he came to terms with the changes at the end,i started to think maybe the changes were for the better and i got really excited for the future eps and story lines Stan could have... but no (': His parents just HAD to get back together, i personally wouldn't of mind if they stayed separate! And the ending scenes again - Just like the opposite of 1507 (i loved that :'D )
...Im trying to think of più things to say about Stans story in this ep, but im blank, ill add più after i watch it again!
Article by lilylove89 posted più di un anno fa
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South Park is an American animated sitcom created da Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central Televisione network. Intended for mature audiences, the mostra has become famous for its crude language, surreal, satirical, and dark humor that lampoons a wide range of topics. The ongoing narrative revolves around four boys—Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick—and their bizarre adventures in and around the titular Colorado town. In the 2004 documentary The 100 Greatest Cartoons, South Park was placed at #3, just behind The Simpsons and Tom and Jerry. South Park is currently contracted to continue through 2013,[3] taking the mostra to seventeen seasons.[4]

Parker and Stone, who met in college, developed the mostra from two animated shorts they created in 1992 and 1995. The latter became one of the first Internet viral videos, which ultimately led to its production as a series. South Park debuted in August 1997 with great success, consistently earning the highest ratings of any basic cable program. Subsequent ratings have varied, but the mostra remains Comedy Central's highest rated and longest running program. Originally produced da cutout...
Opinion by iluvkyle200 posted più di un anno fa
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te may have heard lately that kyle is being killed off this season due to a severe injury from the humancentipad episode. there was a secret commercial aired on august 12th at 3:00 am last month, which alot of fan did not see and are trying to deny this fact. i had seen it for myself though. so i know this is true. it was aired secretly so only a select amount of people would see it, as matt and trey intended it. here is what i heard from matt and trey word for word:

1. MATT: we are killing off kyle this fall because we feel that nobody lives very long after being a humancentipad. and we also noticed that he Lost alot of his fan afterwards too. me: (I TOLD te EVERYONE!)

2. TREY: we felt that his character was getting a bit stale around season 12, so we decided to make the humancentipad episode, which clearly shows kyle being brutally tortured, we thought it would be best to kill him off da torturing him as painful as possible. and nobody lives after that kind of stuff anyway! (matt/trey snickering)
Fan fiction by LilRabb posted più di un anno fa
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New starting...
As the morning campana, bell rang at South Park elementary - Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman dragged themselves to class.
“Urrrg! Another long culo day!” Complained Kyle.
“Dude! Tell me about it, lately these days have been getting longer and longer!” Agreed Stan.
There was a slight noise and a head nod from the boys to mostra they all felt the same.
The boys got to class and slumped down into their seats. Last ones in, as always.
“Okay students settle down please.....(the talking continued) I detto shut up!” Mr. Garrison shouted!
The students hushed down, though a remaining whisper continued from the girls.
“ We have two new students here today, and I know you’re all very excited to see them! “ Mr. Garrison said- without much enthusiasm. “Please welcome, Thea and Mica...”
The class droned a slight hello whist the two girls walked into the room. One was wearing a deep purple jacket, with a fuchsia scarf, and jeans. Her hair was straight but quite messy, and was a dark shade of brown. Her sweepy fringe fell into her slightly blushing face. She flashed a quick smile and began to talk...
Opinion by EverLastingLuv posted più di un anno fa
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I made a fanclub that i know ppl have been waiting for and it's called South Park Couples!!
I DO accept any Yaoi but it can't be too dirty. For there are ppl who do not like it ^^ So if you'd like te may join! I accept any art te guys invia and other stuff! I have the link to it and i hope te guys will join. Even if te don't care about it i'd appreciate it if te joined anyways:] it'd make me happy! x3 I hope te guys will unisciti and spread the love! After all, Everyone loves love! <3

Opinion by AWarnerS posted più di un anno fa
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May this be the last year for South Park?
EDIT: South Park has been renewed until Season 17 link

This articolo was written to mostra some hints seen da observing South Park that this may be the last anno of the show. This articolo was not written to make a point, o to prove anything o anyone right o wrong, so please don't take it that way. Thank te for listening.

With all of te worried about South Park possibly coming to an end, I have found some hints that that may be true. Personally, I like the mostra a lot myself, and don't want it to get axed, but I'm worried myself it might because of what I've realized: (I will add più as I notice any more)

Have te noticed:

1. They are revealing a lot of stuff about the characters and the show, like the boys' penis sizes [1], the City (Shitty) wok Guy's not actually being Chinese [2], and Sharon and Randy revealing not being happy together [3]. Shows often reveal a lot when they're on their last...
Article by SilverFanGirl posted più di un anno fa
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SFG- ciao guys!
Cartman- ciao Micks!
SFG- Today's domanda is...Lady Gaga o Brittany Spears?
Cartman- I thought te were going to say Lady Gaga o Cartman!
Kyle- if it WAS that question, I would pick Lady Gaga!
Cartman- te little lying bastard! I'll kill you!
Kyle- Oh My God! te killed Kenny! te bastard!
Kenny-?!?!? mememem (I'm still alive!)
Butters- OH MY GOD!
Cartman- WHAT?!?
Butters- Coffee...
Cartman- Alright, alright, calm down. I pick Lady Gaga, 'cause she's better than that annoying voice of Brittany Spears...
Kyle- What the hell?!?!
Kyle- Last week te told me at school te liked Brittany Spears 'cause she's hot. Lady gaga was a stupid bitch. What the hell is wrong with you?
Cartman- *shrug* I don't know, man. *lays hand on Kyle's shoulder* I don't know.
Kyle- Get your fucking hand off of my fucking shoulder!
Article by SilverFanGirl posted più di un anno fa
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SFG- O_o
Cartman- What? WHAT?!?!?
Cartman- Did the audience vote that Kyle is gay?
Kyle- Oh my God... O.O
SFG- *shakes head* I...I don't think this domanda is going to be answered correctly da te guys.
SFG- Who is your best friend?
Cartman-...Uh...Butters! Yes! Butters! he and I are best friends!
Stan- no you're not!
Butters- No not really dude.
Kyle- Mine is Stan and Kenny. ^^
Kenny-...mememe (Nope)
Stan- No, just Kenny and I are...Cartman, Kyle te liars! Admit it!
Cartman and Kyle- NO!
Cartman- Nothin'
Kyle- Yea nothing
SFG- ...Admit WHAT?
Stan- That Cartman and Kyle are best friends.
Kyle- We are not!
Cartman- Yea that's a weird friendship then.
SFG- So te are best buds? o aren't you?
Kyle- NO!
SFG- te are?
Cartman- Hell no. We're just...just...
SFG- See? te are friends!
Article by SilverFanGirl posted più di un anno fa
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SFG- *smacks forehead* I'm sick of these stupid questions...
Kyle- OMG! Cartman, what did te ask?!!?
Cartman- Me?!?! how about you!
SFG- No, guys. Here's the question: YouTube o not?
Cartman and kyle- YES! *turn to each other* HEY!
SFG- *smacks forhead again* I'm REALLY sick of these two...
Cartman- Hey, ciao Micks!
SFG- *sighs* What?Cartman- What did te say to Kyle the other day?
SFG- nothing. I just asked him to answer the domande honestly. Now, I want resoning in this answer. Cartman, why do te say yes to YouTube?
Cartman- It may be a pain, like Kyle, but its useful, unlike Kyle.
Kyle- .....-_-
SFG- Kyle, explain why te say yes to YouTube.
Kyle- Alright, listen up fat boy! *points to Cartman* te shut your big-
Kyle- O.O
SFG- Now, answer my question.
Kyle- *shuts up*
SFG- Why do te say yes to Youtube?
Kyle- 'Cause...uh...I don't know. I Amore YouTube.
Article by CBFDFAN posted più di un anno fa
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Lunch Time In School
Cartman:Mmmmmm! i Amore chicken *Bites of piece of chicken skin*
Kyle:*Eating chicken*mmmm yes it is...*swallows*
Kenny:Mm mmmm!!!(So good!!!)
And A Chicken is sitting at the window watching them eating chicken.

School Ends
Cartman:Ahhh!!!! Need to shit need da SHIT!!
Stan:just go in that cespuglio, bush over there
Cartman:whew! thanks!
Cartman goes int bushes
Chicken Pops Up
Chicken:You must die!!!
Cartman:ummm not to be a buzz kill o anythin'...but can te see me craping?
Chicken:Oh....well take your time...Then DIE!!!!!!!!!!

2 hours later.....

Cartman:Whew! he's Gone!
Chicken pops up again
Cartman:ok,it's just a chicken so this will be eas-*gets kicked in the balls*
Article by SilverFanGirl posted più di un anno fa
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SFG- So, guys. Now that te fought over biscotti, cookie and muffins.
Cartman- Yes we have, Kyle...
Kyle- Shut up! te know te like biscotti, cookie AND muffins!
SFG- Just, drop it! Alright?
Cartman- Whatever. *crossed arms over chest(if he even can)*
Kyle- So what's the topic this time?
SFG- If te all shut up and listen!
*All grow silent*
SFG- Now the survey domanda is... Gatti o Dogs?
Cartman- Totally dogs! Yes, dogs! Kyle will probably agree with me 'cause he knows I can kick his culo well!
Kyle- No te can't! te can't even punch, punzone a pillow!
Cartman- Can too!
SFG- SHUT THE HELL UP te TWO! Kyle, what do te answer for this survey? Gatti o dogs?
Kyle- Well, I do like dogs. But I Amore Gatti better!
Butters- Oh God...
Kenny- Memememememe (This is going to end in a dog fight...)
SFG- Gatti and Cani fight to that, Kenny. Now, Cartman, why do te like dogs?
Cartman- Well te see, SilverFanGirl-
SFG- Oh please, call me Micks.
List by pompeybabe posted più di un anno fa
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Mrs. Landers was a health nut! She cooked Cibo in a wok!
Mr. Harris was her boyfriend and he had a great big
Cock-a-doodle-doodle! The rooster just won't quit!
And I don't want my breakfast, because it tastes like
Shih Tzus make good house pets! They're cuddly and sweet!
Monkeys aren't good to have 'cause they like to beat their
Meeting in the office, o meeting in the hall!
The boss, he wants to see te so te can suck his
Balzac was a writer! He lived with Allen Funt!
Mrs. Roberts didn't like him, but that's 'cause she's a
Contaminated water can really make te sick!
Your bladder gets infected and blood comes out your
Dictate what I'm saying, 'cause it will bring te luck
And if te all don't like it, I don't give a flying ****!"

Article by SilverFanGirl posted più di un anno fa
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SilverFanGirl: ciao fan of South Park, I'm here with everyone from South Park. Now, I have a domanda for te guys.
Cartman: Yes...
SFG(SilverFanGirl): Its for all of you.
Cartman: okay...
Stan: -_-
SFG: Muffins or...
Cartman: Spit it out ur Goddamn mouth already!!
SFG: o Cookies?
Stan: I saw muffins.
Cartman: No te ass-hole, Muffins!
Kenny: mememememe (I have a bad feeling about this...)
SFG: Oh....
Stan: Shut your fucking mouth Cartman! te know biscotti, cookie beat Muffins any damn day!
Cartman: I'm gonna kick your ass!
Stan: Is that a bet?
SFG: Guys, guys, chill!
Cartman: No! *points at SFG* Shut your damn mouth now...
SFG: Are te third graders?
Stan: Fuck you, Cartman! Shove this Cookie down your fucking throat! *holds up a cookie*
Cartman: Shove this damn focaccina, muffin down your fucking throat!
Both: *shoves Cookie/Muffin down throat*
Both: Fuck!