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la scelta dei fan: Yes, She's crazy for him.
Yes, She&# 39; s crazy for him.
No, She&# 39; s playing him.
la scelta dei fan: YES!
la scelta dei fan: volpe
la scelta dei fan: No clue
No clue
There will be a season 3
la scelta dei fan: Gets married, have kids, lives as long as Holo, and epic win!!!!!!
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truewolf detto …
go to and sign the petition for a season 3 of spice and lupo spread the word please postato più di un anno fa
NeoNightclaw19 detto …
Spice & lupo is considered to be number 14 in my superiore, in alto 20 anime. postato più di un anno fa
fanguest commentato…
The Novels are pretty good too. Still awaiting season 3. though things aren't looking too good. più di un anno fa
NeoNightclaw19 commentato…
Yeah I am hoping that there should be a third season as well. più di un anno fa
fanguest detto …
meehh! >_< when will season 3 Anime get here? the last season did not finish well. :/ postato più di un anno fa