Nakoma was sitting on a ship one giorno thinking after a mission. She wanted more. Yes, she LOVED what she did for a living, but she wanted to find someone, fall in Amore with that person, and start a family. She wanted an actual life. She didn't want to be a single Jedi forever. Yet she knew attachments weren't allowed in the order. She sighed knowing she'd have to wait as she went in the cockpit to be with Anakin.

"What's gotten te in such a mood?" he asked as he saw the bummed look on her face. She turned away as if she were saying "I don't want to talk about it.". "Okay, I know te have moments like everyone else, but that doesn't give te the right to act like a snob." Anakin scolded on her behavior. She sighed and reluctantly turned back around to face him. "Now, what's the matter?" he asked as he took her in his arms. She just hugged him as tightly as she could. "Wow, te really ARE upset." Anakin whispered. Nakoma released her grip on him.

"I want more." Nakoma finally confessed in sign language. "As in..." Anakin proceeded slightly confused. "More in my life! I want love, I want happiness, I want a family!" Nakoma answered on the verge of tears. Anakin knew this way too well. He already had a secret wife the Order didn't know anything about, and he was still half-disgusted his Padawan dated a Sith-lord. "What was that jerk's name again?" he asked sarcastically. "Dontel." Nakoma answered annoyed. She slumped in her seat.

Truth be told, Anakin was actually concerned about her. He didn't want her ending up dating another Sith lord, o anyone else in the Sith for that matter. Plus, he didn't want her to keep any of her romantic relationships a secret like he ended up doing. He was happy with Padme, and loved her with all his cuore and soul, but knew he had to keep his marriage a secret from the Order. He didn't want Nakoma having to do the same thing. "You know I'm married to Padme, right?" Anakin cornered. Nakoma nodded. "Well, because I'm a Jedi, I have to keep our marriage a secret. I don't want te to have to keep your future Amore a secret." Anakin confessed. Nakoma sighed quietly.

"I guess you're right." she said. Anakin wrapped an arm around her. "I know te want to be happy and fall in Amore one day, but I don't want te to have to make the same sacrifices that I made." he comforted. Nakoma looked down at the ground briefly. She cleared her head until she fell asleep. "You haven't moved in a while. I wonder if you-" Anakin stopped short to see a sleeping Nakoma in his arms. He carried her bridal style into the bunker, tucked her in one of the beds, and walked out quietly so he could let her sleep.