Anakin couldn't stop thinking about Ahsoka. She was più than a Padawan to him-she was the sister he never had. He tried to purge himself of what he detto earlier, but he couldn't. *I'll contact Ahsoka. Maybe she can-*. The same sentence played over and over in Anakin's restless head. He paced around briefly before stopping at his "post" again. *The order made her want to leave and they know it!* he cursed himself. He wished he had it in him to make Ahsoka stay with the order, and to make the council believe she didn't commit those heinous murders. But what was HE supposed to do at that time? He wished he had realized the council turned their back on her from the start, and that's something he continued to regret.

Memories of Ahsoka began to flood the Jedi's mind. He wished he really opened his eyes the giorno he met her. He couldn't stop thinking about how much of a snob he was. Yet, he kinda had to laugh at himself as he remembered her sassy but confident attitude. He also laughed at the time when she gave him his infamous nickname-Sky Guy. After a brief time of positive nostalgia, he felt himself getting too reminiscent. He felt tears well up in his eyes, so he squeezed them shut to avoid the water works from escaping. Dwelling on Ahsoka's departure was bad enough, and crying over it was going to make it worse. THAT wasn't needed AT ALL. o was it?

Anakin sat down on one of the boulders successivo to the camp fuoco to take a break. He needed to get the grief out of his system, so he gave up on trying not to cry and released the tears he wouldn't let fall. "I miss you, Snips!" he sobbed quietly. At that moment, he wished Ahsoka was sitting successivo to him. He wanted to talk to her. What made him Amore her so much was her wit, her trust, her loyalty, and the lista goes on and on. She may've been just a Padawan/commander to everyone else, but in this man's eyes, she was also the whole package of a Jedi. She was the definition of a true hero, too.

It was definite the remembrance was competing with più dwelling, and it needed to stop. Anakin felt the light breeze blow across his face, as well as the silence of the night. He heard Obi-Wan snoring, and that was only thing breaking the ever so calm silence. Leaving Obi-Wan to his slumber, Anakin got up and stood successivo to the camp site. It was time he moved on from Ahsoka. As much as he hated to do it, it would also help him think positively of her during her post-Jedi life. She could become one of alot of things.

She could become a GOOD bounty hunter. She could become a refugee helper. She could become a scavenger. *Maybe even a civilian.* Anakin thought. (A/N: For those of te who don't know what that means, that basically means living life as a regular person.) Anakin sat down beside the boulder he was sitting on. He leaned his back. He knew he had to face it-Ahsoka was part of the past now, and it was likely she wasn't coming back to the order. Needless to say Obi-Wan had been right about her decision all along, no matter how much his old apprentice objected. Anakin eventually fell asleep, with a broken cuore that would take a very long time mending...Mending from wounds that previously occurred many months before.