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What is your preferito stella, star Wars video game?

Let's change things up a bit. Instead of talking about the stella, star Wars movies, why don't we talk about the video games? There are tons to choose from, ranging from the Battlefront series, to the Lego games. My preferito stella, star Wars game, ever since it was first released in 2005, is Battlefront 2. I want to try out EA's 2nd Battlefront game, but this one will always be my preferito no matter what.
 Seanthehedgehog posted ·9 mesi fa
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hipgirl1972 said:
the best stella, star wars video game to me is the 2005 version of battlefront 2.its a terrific game

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posted ·8 mesi fa 
InvaderEleanor said:
The lego ones
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posted ·3 mesi fa 
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