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Endor, headquarters for the Galactic Empire. The three leaders of the Empire, the Toydarian army, and Velmor have signed a paper stating their alliance. Anyone that attacked these three would be considered an enemy.

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Yavin 4, headquarters for the Rebel Alliance. Harmon Fulper, and Dimo Ommer are having a conversation.

Harmon: Some of our men have been picking up hostile actions in Toydaria. Japka has over a hundred fighters stationed at a base where many of them engaged in a battle against a defenseless planet.
Dimo: Which was?
Harmon: Rettna. A couple other planets in the Essaga system suffered damage from Toydaria as well, to gain money, and resources.
Dimo: I had a feeling they'd do something like this. That is why I ordered the 42nd fleet to relocate out of Ryndellia, and set up a new base at Sandy Point, in a planet called Moana.
Harmon: Are te sure moving the 42nd fleet from Ryndellia to Moana is a good idea?
Dimo: Positive. It'll give those flying blue rats a message, and hopefully keep them out of this war.

Colonel Mota was in Japka, where headquarters for the Toydarian army were located. He was speaking Huttese with Toydarian general, Swanni, and Jabba The Hutt.

Colonel Mota: Doe Rebels are nopa happy gee us invading Rettna. Jee-jee need do plan. *The Rebels are not happy with us invading Rettna. We need a plan.*
Jabba The Hutt: Tell him about do spies discoveries.
General Swanni: Myo spies discovered da doe Rebels have moved ships closer tah us. They are closer tah Nal Hutta, Toydaria, um other planets da jee-jee control. They are aiming at us like do lightsaber at do hoopa! If do pilots naga do target, have hoohah bolla tah Moana. *My spies discovered that the Rebels have moved ships closer to us. They are closer to Nal Hutta, Toydaria, and other planets that we control. They are aiming at us like a lightsaber at a throat! If your pilots want a target, have them go to Moana.*

2 B Continued
Mark Moraghan as Dimo Ommer
Martin Smith as Harmon Fulper