General Lizzon was inspecting other sections of Sandy Point when another General walked into the control tower.

General: Where did all the X-Wings go?
Tower Operator: General Lizzon's orders. His main concern is sabotage.
General: Unacceptable. Get those X-Wings back out there now. We need those pilots to get up in the sky as quickly as possible if an enemy does attack. Also if Lizzon's really worried about sabotage, he would leave those X-Wings the way they are, so that the guards can watch them all without having to turn their heads. Now, as I detto earlier, get those X-Wings back out there.

An alarm was activated as the X-Wings were placed back on the side of the runway: link

General Lizzon: *Watching the X-Wings being moved* What the hell are te doing?!
Rebel: Sorry sir, General Corrin's orders.
General Lizzon: *Sees the General* You! *Walking towards him* Your incompetence is going to cost us well over a hundred X-Wings, if not all of them!
General: The pilots must get to their ships if we are attacked.
General Lizzon: If we are attacked, they'll have nothing to fly! A one eyed gungan could easily take out all of those X-Wings with only one thermal detonator!
General: We are going to keep those X-Wings there, and te cannot stop me.

But Lizzon got help from Rollin, and Duya.

Lizzon: These are the best pilots?
Rollin: These two are so good, that they can easily take out a dozen ships with only a pistol.
Lizzon: Bring them in.
Duya: *Opens the door* Ladies?
Kellie: *Walks into the room with Jolie* Yes General?
Lizzon: Please, sit down.
Kellie: *Sits down with Jolie*
Lizzon: te two will be transferred to Twilight Ridge. Remain there until further notice.
Jolie: Yes sir.
Kellie: Is that all?
Lizzon: Yes. Thank te ladies.
Kellie: You're welcome. *Leaves with Jolie*
Duya: *Closes the door*
Lizzon: Twilight Ridge is one of many subsidiary fields. We'll at least be able to spread out some X-Wings, and keep them out of harm.
Kellie: *Walking with Jolie*
Jolie: What do te think we're being transferred for?
Kellie: Gambling with the other pilots?
Jolie: Nah. I think it's for stealing the General's bread.
Kellie: o maybe it's because we had a threesome with his nephew.
Jolie: *Blushing*

Back to the radar tower, the Captain found a più suitable place for it, with two men to operate it.

Captain: Now te two are to operate this thing everyday from 9 AM to 6 PM.
Herman: Yes sir.
Baltic: If we find something, what do we do?
Captain: segnala it to headquarters dammit.
Herman: How sir? We haven't got a telephone.
Captain: *Climbs into his Metra* There's a fuel station about a mile down the road. They must have a phone. *Drives away*
Herman: Yes sir.
Baltic: Let's make sure everything works. *Turns on the radar, and looks at the screen* Good, it's working.

2 B Continued
Elijah Jackson as Baltic Roufeno
Carlos Steinke as Herman Vender