Back on Yavin 4, it was night time. Dimo met up with his wife, Grimouth.

Dimo: *Gets into Grimouth's land speeder*
Grimouth: *Driving* So where are we heading?
Dimo: We have to talk to Princess Leia.

Back at base.

Harmon: *Nervously rocking back, and forth in a chair*
Rebel Captain: *Walks into the room* Mr. Fulper, are te okay?
Harmon: We just detected six Toydarian carriers leaving Toydaria. Dimo's trying to get authorization from Leia to attack them.

Leia was at a party club, but when Dimo walked out of the club, he seemed disappointed.

Grimouth: Where to now?
Dimo: Back to the office. I need to make a phone call.
Grimouth: *Turns around*

Meanwhile on Moana, the Rebels were having a party of their own. Jolie, and Kellie were there, but they had something else on their mind.

Kellie: *Sits down to Herman's left, with Jolie on his right* Herman, te look very handsome today.
Herman: Thank you, I'm just having a few drinks while I wait for Baltic.
Jolie: We have something important for te two.
Kellie: Go to the radar station from 4 to 7.
Herman: 4 AM to 7 AM?
Jolie: Yes.
Kellie: This is very important.
Herman: te really think someone's going to attack us?
Kellie & Jolie: *Nodding*
Herman: Okay. I'll tell Baltic. *Leaves the bar*
Baltic: *Arrives What's up Herman?
Herman: Come on Baltic, we have something to take care of.

Dimo was looking at a calendar in his office when Harmon returned.

Harmon: Did they do it?
Dimo: Yes. Now let's hope that Leia is right, and that this is a routine flight. She won't let us attack them. *Looks at tomorrow's data of 10/7/0BBY*

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The Toydarians were reaching their target in Moana. Gonda, and all of the pilots were ready.

Carrier Pilot: Moana wa watashitachi no me no mae ni imasu. Ririku no junbi o shi nasai! *Moana is in our sights. Get ready for takeoff!*
Colonel Mota: Anata ga sandi Point o kōgeki shite iru ma, watashitachiha Mon Calamari stella, star Cruisers o mitsukeyou to shimasu. Sore made wa, kakunōko to kuruma o subete hakai shite kudasai. *While te attack Sandy Point, we will try to locate the Mon Calamari stella, star Cruisers. Until then, destroy all their hangars, and vehicles.*
Pilots: Hai!
Colonel Mota: *Saluting the pilots* Ganbarou. *Good luck.*
Gonda: *Starts his Class-68, and takes off from the carrier, into outer space*

Gonda was just one of 522 Toydarian pilots taking part in this attack. 200 of them were using Class-68's. Another 200 were using Bombers, and the rest of the pilots were using the Class-62's.
Geena Davis as Grimouth Ommer