When the Toydarians entered Moana, the sun was starting to rise. The sky was orange, and some clouds were pink.

Toydarian Pilot 42: Sore wa kirei ni miemasu. *That looks beautiful.*
Gonda: Japka o omoidasa semasu. *Reminds me of Japka.*

An ETA-2 Actis was flying alongside a mountain. It was modified to carry two pilots. Two humans were in the cockpit, a student, and his instructor. The instructor was pleased in her student so far.

Instructor: Pretty nasty wind today, but te have to learn how to fly in all kinds of weather.
Student: *Nods*
Instructor: It's your turn now.
Student: Thank you.
Instructor: Keep it steady.
Student: Yes ma'am.
Toydarians: *Flying towards the flight instructor*
Instructor: You're doing great. *Looks at the big fleet of Class-68's coming towards them* Hang on, I'm taking over! *Dives towards the ground, and watches the Toydarians head away from her*

Rebel ships were on a regular patrol, making sure that Sandy Point, as well as the rest of Moana was safe. A submarine was underwater, following one of the Rebel battleships.

Toydarian 42: Hahahaha. Kono sensuikande wa, dare mo watashitachi ni kidzukanaideshou. *With this submarine, no one will notice us.*
Toydarian 85: Wareware wa subete no hangyaku-tei o hakai suru. *We'll destroy all of the Rebel boats.*

What they didn't realize was that part of their submarine was sticking out of the water. They were quickly spotted.

Rebel 57: What's that over there?
Rebel 29: *Looking at a zattera with a white flag* That's for target practice.
Rebel 57: Look in front of the raft.
Rebel 29: *Sees an antenna* That's a submarine. Alert all units. Maintain sonar contact, and sink the intruder.
Gunners: *Preparing cannons*
Rebel 29: Prepare to drop charges!
Rebel 41: Charge 1, ready! *Drops charge*

An explosion occurred.

Rebel 41: Charge 2, ready! *Drops charge*

A secondo explosion occurred, and oil was seen coming up to the surface.

Rebel 41: Bingo! Enemy submarine is down.

Inside the Rebel base, a Captain received word about the submarine.

Rebel 22: Captain Seanson. *Gives the Captain a letter*
Emery: *Reading the message* Thank you. *Calls General Lizzon*
Ido: *Answers his phone* Who is this?
Emery: Captain Seanson from headquarters. I just got word that the Rebels sunk an enemy submarine.
Ido: How many più of these false sightings are te going to segnala to me Captain?
Emery: This isn't false sir. This is the real thing. The Toydarians are trying to attack us.
Ido: They don't have enough soldiers o supplies to attack this base.
Emery: With all due respect, we should contact Yavin, and get backup!
Ido: Confirmation Seanson, I want confirmation. *Hangs up*

The Toydarians were getting closer to Sandy Point in their fighters.

Baltic: *Looking at the radar* How much time do we have left?
Herman: Just two più minutes.
Baltic: I don't know why te listened to those pilots. Nothing's happening. *Looks at the radar, and sees lots of dots* Hey, I'm picking up something! Call Headquarters!
Herman: On it! *Grabs the phone, and starts calling headquarters*
Rebel Soldier 64: *Hears the phone, and risposte it* Headquarters.. te picked up some ships entering the planet's atmosphere, huh?. Yeah? Well don't worry about it. *Hangs up* Must've picked up that formation of U-Wings coming back from Sullust.

Twenty five U-Wings were returning from attacking the Empire.

U-Wing Pilot: *Entering Moana with the rest of the U-Wings* We're finally back home fellas.
U-Wing Pilot 53: Thank goodness.
Toydarian Pilot 71: *Flying with the Toydarians* Sandipointo ga miete imasu. *Sandy Point is in sight.*
Gonda: Ī yo, tsūshin jigyō-sha ni Huttese kōdo o watashi nasai, Shado! Shado! Shado! *Good, give the carriers the Huttese code. Fast! Fast! Fast!*
Toydarian Carrier Pilot: Kōdo o uketorimashita! *We have received the code!*
Colonel Mota: Pairotto wa zen'in kōgeki o uke yasui. Shado, shado, shado! *All pilots are clear to attack. Fast, fast, fast!*
Rebel 28: *Docking his barca at a harbor*
Rebel General: *Standing on another barca with a hundred other Rebels. He checks his watch* Raise flag.
Rebel 13: *Raising the Rebel flag*
Rebel General: Now.

A band was playing this song: link

Rebels: *Passing the band on another boat*
Toydarians: *Flying towards the band*
Band: *Looking at the Class-68's, Class-62's, and bombers*
Rebel General: *Watching a Class-62 fly past at a low altitude* Get that guy's number, and segnala him for a safety violation!
Toydarian Pilot 98: *Drops a bomb, and destroys a building*
Band: *Looking at the Toydarian Pilots shooting Rebels, and civilians*

Play the song at speed 2.0. The band is playing the song faster so that they can finish it sooner.

Toydarian Pilot: *Shoots three of the band members*
Rebel Gunner: *Gets on a machine gun, and starts shooting at the Toydarians* Hey, stop jerking off with those instruments, and help us kill these bastards!
Rebel General: *Watches the band finish their song, and ducks as a bomb lands near their barca in the water*
Rebels: *Running off of a barca as it gets hit da a bomb*
Rebel 85: Grab your weapons! Hurry!!
Rebels: *Grabbing A280's, and start shooting at the Toydarians*

Most of the shots missed, but the ones that did hit the Toydarians did little damage.

Rebel 79: Where are the rockets?!!?
Rebel 59: They're too far away! *Gets shot*

At Headquarters, a line of Rebels were getting breakfast in the cafeteria.

Rebel 95: *Runs into the cafeteria* ciao guys, Sandy Point's being attacked!
Rebels: Sandy Point's being attacked?! *Running out of the cafeteria*
Rebel 63: *Firing a machine gun* Get the Toydarians!
Toydarian 41: *Shoots dozens of Rebels on the boats*
Toydarian Pilot 39: *Flying a bombardiere towards a boat* Bakudanwotōkasuru junbi o shite imasu. *Preparing to drop the bomb.*
Rebels: *Shooting at the bomber*
Toydarian Pilot 39: *Drops the bomb*

The barca was diviso, spalato in half because of the explosion caused da the bomb.

Rebels: JUMP!! *Jumping into the water*
Rebel 19: *Firing at the Toydarians with an A300* I hit the cockpit! It's going down!
Toydarian Pilot 59: *Holding his wounds as he crashes into a boat*

Soon, the Toydarians reached one of the hangars, and started destroying the X-Wings lined up da the runway. As predicted, one exploding X-Wing caused a chain reaction, making più explode.

General Lizzon: *Walks into Captain Seanson's office*
Emery: *Points out the window* te want your confirmation General?! TAKE A LOOK!! There's your confirmation!
Rollin: *In another room with Duya, watching the invasion* I warned Leia about this, but she wouldn't listen.
Duya: *Sees a laser from a Toydarian ship go through a window. It misses him as it hits the wall*
Rollin: *Looking at Duya* te okay?
Duya: *Slowly looks back at the hole from the laser* Maybe I'd feel better if it did hit me.

2 B Continued
George Lucas as Emery Seanson