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Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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The final destination was now in sight. Omega Airbase. Six Tie Fighters were lined up outside, waiting for their successivo assignment.

John: *Driving the speeder bus down a hill, but stops. He looks at the entrance gate far to the right*
Imperial Officer 59: *Driving an Imperial Troop Transport out of the airbase*

The Landing Craft that would pick up John, and his group entered Chevrelium's atmosphere.

Republic Pilot: Omega Airbase control tower. Omega Airbase control tower. Do te copy?
Imperial Engineer: This is Omega Airbase control tower. Identify, over.
Republic Pilot: We are in serious trouble. Request immediate permission to land.
Imperial Engineer: Transmit clearing codes.
Republic Pilot: Transmitting now. One engine out. Losing altitude.
Imperial Engineer: te are clear for immediate landing.
Republic Pilot: *Turns right, and heads for the airbase*
John: *Looks to the left, and sees the landing craft*
Fan fiction by lovingflame posted più di un anno fa
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The Darkness smiled....
Upon the old priest sitting amongst the deathly empty thrones.His tears of silent grief drawing it ever nearer. The Pathbourne had not come.All his brother's and sister's were now dead.Their seat's cold and empty.Not even the bambini in their cribs had survived, a total massacre.The Darkness wetted its lips in anticipation of tasting the last of the Family. As it lazily slunked around towards him the symbol on the floor twisted. Sudden fear beat at the beast's movements trying to make it sposta ever faster.But Lennar had felt the beast's hunger.Had felt it and welcomed it, and as his new born hope surged through his withered veins.He threw up a force field of minimum energy as he shed his human shell, one last time.The Darkness charged, slashing and biting at the field in hopes of killing the old man.Hoping to stop its enemy from returning.Lennar roared and shook his golden mane shattering the field losing the much needed energy.The Darkness slammed into the lion, rolling him to the ground. Where it scratched and bit trying to bury its teeth into something vital.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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An Imperial landing craft was leaving Coruscant. However, no Imperials were inside. It was only two men from the Republic.

Republic Pilot: *Looking at the clear sky. No other ships are seen as they are out of Coruscant*
Colonel Turner: *Walks up, and sits successivo to the pilot* Thirty five minutes. Can we make it?
Republic Pilot: We can make it. Will your Friends make it?
Colonel Turner: Let's hope so.


John made it back to the shed with Morris, Mary, and Cartwright where Heidi was waiting in the speeder bus.

Heidi: *Puts up a jammer, and turns it on*
John: *Starts the speeder bus, and goes as far back as he can to knock down the doors in front of him*
Morris: *Sits in the back with Mary*
Cartwright: *Sits down in front of Heidi*
Heidi: *Puts a blanket over Cartwright to keep him warm*
John: Everybody on the floor!
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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Several Imperials were trying to get down to the cable car station, but with the door locked, they had to put all their effort into knocking it down.

Morris: *Slowly wakes up, and hears the Imperials banging the doors*
Imperial Guards: *Hitting the doors with sledgehammers*
Imperial Officer 62: Sargent, take a break.
Imperial Guard 55: *Gives his hammer to a stormtrooper*
Stormtrooper 98: *Hits the door with the hammer*
Morris: *Slowly stands up*
Mary: Lieutenant?
Morris: *Holds his head, and looks at Mary* Where's the Major?
Mary: He's on the cable car.
Morris: *Runs back to the controls*

Meanwhile, the Imperials were getting closer to breaking the wooden plank keeping the doors from opening.

John: *Returning to the castle*
Morris: *Stops the cable car for Mary, and Cartwright*
Mary & Cartwright: *Get on the roof behind John*
Morris: *Moves the cable car backwards, into the station*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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After making his way down into the station, Morris ran up a small corridor. At the end were two doors. Both were closed.

Morris: *Opens a door, and looks outside*
Imperials: *Running all over the place. Several Astro droids are also outside with them*
Morris: *Closes the door, and places a wooden board on the doors to lock them. He runs back down to the station, closes the other door, and also locks that. He looks up at the others still waiting on the roof* The doors in the corridor are locked.
John: See if te can find the controls.
Morris: *Walks over to the control table* There's a start, and stop button, and a lever that maintains the speed.
John: See if te can get that relic to start.
Morris: *Hits the start button, and looks back at the turbine behind him* Not bad, huh?
John: Yes, very good. Now bring the car closer to us.
Morris: *Moves the lever forward, and stops the cable car successivo to John*

Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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Song (Start at 2:19):

John, Morris, Mary, Cartwright, Barkley, and Christianson finally arrived at the room they needed to get to.

Morris: *Tying the rope to the support beam*
John: *Finds five camouflage coats successivo to each other on a cappotto hanger* Put those coats on if te don't want to freeze to death. Quickly now.

Cartwright, and Mary already had their coats on, so the other four had to put them on.

Barkley & Christianson: *Put on their coats*
John: Lieutenant. *Grabs a cappotto to Morris, while putting one on himself*
Morris: Thanks. *Puts his cappotto on, throws the rope, and climbs down the castello wall*
John: Mary te go next.
Mary: *Grabs the rope, and climbs down the wall*
Barkley: *Uses the rope to climb down to Morris, and Mary*
John: Christianson.
Christianson: *Climbs down the rope*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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Alarm (Start at 1:14):

John: *Slowly opens the door, and sees that no one is watching them* They're gone. Coast is clear. *Walks out of the room with the others* Lieutenant, get the rope.
Morris: Alright.

As he was getting the rope, the other five slowly looked around the hallway. Dead Imperials were everywhere.

John: *Walks down the spiral staircase*
Mary: *Following John*
Cartwright: *Pointing his blaster at Barkley, and Christianson*
Imperials: *Walking up the staircase* Back up the stairs!!
John: Get back. *Pushes the others away from the stairs, and leads them inoltrare, avanti to the other end of the hallway*
Imperial Officer 92: They can't be far!

Morris was waiting for them. He had the rope over his left shoulder, and was holding his E-11 with his right hand.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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Song (Start at 1:51):

John: *Hears the song playing from a room upstairs, as he walks up a spiral staircase, with the other five behind him. He signals them to stop, then quietly walks over to the entrance of the room. He sees an Imperial Officer sitting down in front of a big radio, Leggere a book*
Imperial Officer: *Turns a knob, and a different song turns on*


Imperial Officer: *Flips a page in his book, and reads*
John: *Walks back to the others* We'll have to wait in another room.

They followed John, and walked into another room, across the hall from the radio room.

Stop the song.

Morris: *Looks out a window, and opens it*

Church bells began to ring as Morris looked outside. successivo to the Tie intercettatore, interceptor was a laser cannon.

Morris: *Turns on another explosive trap, setting it's timer to six minutes, and throws it at the laser cannon*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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With a map of the castello on the table, John began to plan the escape.

John: We'll go out the same way we came in. There's a radio room we can use to contact Coruscant, but we'll have to create enough confusion if we're going to make it out of here alive.
Morris: Major, right now te have me più confused than I ever hoped to be.
John: *Opens Mary's suitcase* Take all the explosives, and have them set up in different locations around the castle.
Morris: Alright. *Taking the explosives*
John: *Points his E-11 at Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson* Let me make myself perfectly understood. If any of te utters a word, I'll kill te all. Is that clear?
Barkley: *Nods*
John: Good, now head over to the door. Move.

They didn't sposta at first.

John: MOVE!!
Cartwright: Come on. *Pushes Christianson*

Song (Start at 3:14):
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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Back at Mary's room.

Major Von Hapen: Goodnight Maria. *Kisses her hand* te are a very charming girl.
Mary: Thank te Major.
Major Von Hapen: We must get to know each other just a little bit more.
Mary: Yes we must. Goodnight. *Closes her door*

Song (Start at 0:58):

Major Von Hapen: *Gets a sudden urge that something's not right*
Mary: *Locks her door*
Major Von Hapen: *Hears the lock, and rubs his chin with his hand, and walks down the corridor*
John: *Watching Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson Scrivere names in their books*
Major Von Hapen: *Walks pass the Tie Interceptor. It begins to snow again*
Imperial Officers: *Sitting down on a short wall, watching the Major pass them, and their Astro Droid*
John: *Holding Barkley, and Thomas' books, and puts them down in front of Colonel Kramer* Any of these will do.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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John was drinking a glass of wine. When he finished he looked at the stormtrooper Colonel Kramer called in. John gave him his E-11.

John: *Puts the glass on the table. He begins to walk around the table, going clockwise* Right. Now that we're all comfortable, I think it's time to talk about who everyone is, and what they're doing here. Now first the Lieutenant. He's an assassin. A well trained professional in the Rebel Alliance. His job is to shoot te Colonel Kramer, and te General Rosemeyer. He was sent from Yavin to Coruscant to help the Republic with a rescue operation, which brings us to our three friends, Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson. They are of course, members of the Republic.
Thomas: That's a lie.
Colonel Kramer: Let him finish!
John: Their job was to not only rescue the General, but also infiltrate every planet under control da the Imperials which has been going on since, a mese ago.
Barkley: That's another lie, te can't prove any of this!
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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Colonel Kramer: *Stands up* To health gentlemen. *Drinks a glass of wine*
General Rosemeyer & Lieutenant Schwartz: *Drinking their wine*
Colonel Kramer: *Looks at General Carnaby* You're not drinking. Is there anything te will do?
General Carnaby: *Shakes his head*
Colonel Kramer: I'm sure te noticed, but the Lieutenant is a trained nurse.
Lieutenant Schwartz: *Pulls out a pack of syringes*
Colonel Kramer: She will put cyanide into te if te wish to not talk.

A hologram of a stormtrooper appeared in front of the Colonel on the table.

Stormtrooper: Sir, they're here to see you.
Colonel Kramer: Send them in.
Barkley: *Walks inside with Thomas, and Christianson*
Colonel Kramer: You'll be pleased to know that your mission has been a success. Once we get the information from the General, we will send te three back to Coruscant on the first shuttle available.
Barkley: Back to Coruscant? Are te mad? Not with Smith and Schaffer still around.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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John, and Morris were in the golden hall, a big room with a big table. Eight chairs are on each side of the table, including one at each end. To the left of the tavolo is a fireplace, and on the bacheca is a mural of the rise, and fall of the Jedi, before the Galactic Empire took over. They watched from an upstairs balcony as General Carnaby was being interrogated da three imperials.

Colonel Kramer: I'm sure te do have places to go to, but te must understand how an interrogation works.
General Carnaby: General George Carnaby, USA-39-1964.
General Rosemeyer: There's gotta be più than just your name, rank, and social security number.
General Carnaby: There isn't.
Colonel Kramer: Now, General. Rosemeyer, and myself, and Lieutenant Schwartz over here...we've tried to reason with you, even treat te like a king. We need to know about the secondo front, that you, and the rebels have planned against us. Won't te tell us, please?
General Carnaby: General George Carnaby, USA-39-1964.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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Two officers were standing successivo to a fuoco da the Tie Interceptor.

John: That could give us extra trouble. We'll have to take care of the pilot.
Morris: I'll take care of him. *Walks downstairs, and passes them, heading towards a radio room*

Skip the song to 1:08

When Morris walked in, the room looked empty, but he wasn't so sure.

Morris: *Pulls out his silenced blaster, and looks in front of him*

Out of Morris' view to his right behind a wall, the radio operator was making himself a cup of coffee.

Morris: Hello.
Radio Operator: *Walks in front of Morris*
Morris: *Fires his blaster*
Radio Operator: *Dies, dropping his cup of coffee as he falls down*
John: *Checks his watch, and walks down the stairs, towards the officers near the Tie Interceptor*
Astro Droid: *Following an Imperial Officer, beeping sadly*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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John, and Morris walked into the center of the village, where the cable car station was. Three Imperial Troop Transports stopped successivo to the station.

Stormtrooper 75: *Opens the back door*
Stormtrooper 62: *Pushes Barkley, Thomas, and Christianson out* Go. Into the cable car station.


John & Morris: *Climbing a ladder to the roof of the cable car station*

They walked towards the edge, climbed over a fence, and waited for the cable car to sposta up.

Barkley: *With Thomas, and Christianson. Their hands are tied with rope as they are being moved to the cable car station da two stormtroopers*
Imperial Officer: *Talking into a video messenger* Yes, Captain Mulloch with three prisoners.
Cable Car Operator: Alright. *Moves a lever, making their cable car sposta towards the castle*

John, and Morris got on the arm of the cable car as it slowly started to sposta out of the station. They stood on the arm, looking down at the cable moving them towards the castle.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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Outside of the village, John, and Morris were placing explosive traps on telephone poles. Their wires were attached to smaller plastic poles.

John: *Putting a trap on a tree, and moves it's wire towards one of the plastic poles*
Morris: *Moves up to the last pole on the speeder bike. He gets out, and places the last trap on the pole, and gets it's wire attached to another plastic pole*
John: *Walks back to the speeder bike, and gets into the sidecar*
Morris: *Gets back in the driver's seat, and heads back to the village*

Back at the cable car station, Heidi was returning from the castello after helping Mary get settled in.

Heidi: *Walks out of the cable car, dressed in a black pelliccia coat, with a matching pelliccia hat*
Stormtrooper: *Walks out of a room, and looks at Heidi as she leaves the station*

When John and Morris returned to the village it started to snow. It was heavy, and falling down fast.

Morris: *Stops the speeder bike successivo to a big shed. They both get out, and walk into the sheds*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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After ignoring Admiral Roland's orders to retreat, Major Smith, and Lieutenant Schaffer continued packing the bags for their operation.

John: *Hearing speeders approach, and goes towards a window. He looks out, careful to make sure he won't get spotted*
Imperials: *Arriving in IFT-D's, and Imperial Troop Transports with Stormtroopers*
Imperial Officer: Go! Send a squad in there to find the intruders!
John: We got company. *Turns off the lights*


John: I'll pack the rest of the bags. Head out the back window.
Morris: Alright. *Holding two bags, he walks to the back window*
John: *Carrying three più bags*

The other two had explosives. John took out one of them, and placed it on a wall, very close to the ground.

John: *Takes a tiny ball out of the trap. A wire is attached to the ball. He moves is across to the other bacheca across the floor. He steps over the wire, and heads to Morris, carrying the three bags*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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John, and Morris returned to the depot, and got back into their snowsuits. They were packing some of the bags with supplies.

John: *Holding two light sticks, a smaller version of a lightsaber* We may need these. *Set them down successivo to a bag*
Morris: I guess it's occurred to te now that the Imperials know what we're up to.
John: The thought did attraversare, croce my mind. *Turns on the radio* Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Over. Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy. Over.
Republic Corporal: *Hears John, and walks into Admiral Roland's room* It's Broadsword sir. *Returns to the radio*
Admiral Roland & Colonel Turner: *Standing behind the Corporal*
Republic Corporal: Danny Boy calling Broadsword. Come in Broadsword.
John: McPherson murdered. The other three have been captured. We are making our way into the castello now. Please have transport standing by.
Admiral Roland: Pull out now Major, save yourselves.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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Major Von Hapen was now in the castello with Mary, and Heidi. They walked up to Lieutenant Schwartz's desk.

Major Von Hapen: Good evening Lieutenant. We have a new member for the female staff.
Lieutenant Schwartz: Can I see your papers please?
Mary & Heidi: *Pull out their papers, and give them to Lieutenant Schwartz*
Lieutenant Schwartz: *Looking at the papers, and stands up* Will te come with me please?
Major Von Hapen: I will see te later.
Mary: Thank te Major.

After the three women left, Major Von Hapen examined some papers on the desk.

Colonel Kramer: *Arrives* Did te find anything interesting Major?
Major Von Hapen: *Looks at the Major, but doesn't say a word*
Colonel Kramer: *Walks closer* I heard there was some excitement in the village.
Major Von Hapen: Oh nothing serious, there were just some men that went AWOL. That's all.
Colonel Kramer: Not quite. That was the original report. The five men turned out to be Republic agents, dressed in Imperial uniforms.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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Major Von Hapen arrived at the cable car station with Mary, and Heidi, but there was no car.

Major Von Hapen: Excuse me. *Hits a green button*

A video display turned on in front of Major Von Hapen. It was supposed to mostra the cable car operator, but no one was seen. A cable car was moving towards them, stopping in the left section of the station.

Finally, the cable car operator stepped into view.

Cable Car Operator: Hello?
Major Von Hapen: Major Von Hapen.
Cable Car Operator: *Nervous* Yes sir!
Major Von Hapen: *Opens the door for Mary, and Heidi* After te two.
Mary: Thank you. *Walks into the cable car with Heidi*
Major Von Hapen: *Walks in, and hits a button, activating a buzzer*

Once the buzzer went off, the cable car operator began to sposta there car to the station at the castle.

John and Morris were being taken to a prison camp in an Imperial Speeder.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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After leaving the shed, John walked back to the Alpine Bar. Another song was heard in the distance, coming from the bar:

John: *Looks to the left behind two Imperial Troop Transports, and finds a body. He walks towards it*

It was Jott. He was dead. Blood was coming out of his mouth.

John: *Back inside the bar with Morris* He was heading towards me. Until someone killed him. Did te see where the other three went?
Morris: I couldn't see. This place is very crowded, and there's più than one exit. Anyone of them could have slipped out. If te don't mind me saying so Major, I think there's più to this operation than you're letting me in on. We both know Harrod was killed after he landed. te better start telling me the truth Major, o I'll be leaving this planet on the first ship I see. Now with McPherson dead, there's only five of us left. So either te let me know what's going on o there's only gonna be four.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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As John left the Alpine Bar, another song was heard:

John: *Turns right, and walks down the street*

As he walked away from the bar, the song began to fade away.

Stormtroopers: *Passing da in an IFT-D*
Officer 94: How's it going?
John: Fine, thank you. *Salutes two Stormtroopers*
Stormtroopers: *Return their salutes*
Astro Droid: *Beeping as it exits a house, moving towards the two stormtroopers*
John: *Sees the wood shed, and opens the door, walking inside*

Mary was waiting for him. As soon as she saw John, she began to hug him, and the two kiss.

John: Take your clothes off.
Mary: But I-
John: Don't argue. Take your clothes off.
Mary: *Takes off her coat*
John: Relax, I didn't mean it. I need te to help me get into the castle.
Mary: How? Naked?
John: Seems like a good idea, but a bit too obvious. The Imperials are short on secretaries, and Schloss Adler is no exception. You're cousin is Heidi. She works at the Alpine Bar, and it's because of her te got the job. te used to live in Toydaria, and were one of...
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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John, and the others walked into the bar. A band was playing music:

The six men took their coats off, and put them on a cappotto hanger.

Jott: *Sits at a tavolo with Thomas, Barkley, and Christianson*
Morris: *Walks to a counter with Morris. He looks at the bartender* Two beers.
Bartender: *Goes to get the drinks*
John: *Looks around the bar, and sees Heidi*
Heidi: *Serving drinks to two Imperials*
John: *Sees another tavolo with three officers* Excuse me.
Morris: *Watches John go to the table*
John: *Sits down at the table*

One of the officers had black hair, and stared at John.

Heidi: *Arrives at the table* Anything else I can get for you?
John: *Puts his arm around Heidi, and pulls her towards him*
Heidi: Oh!
John: And who might te be my pretty alpine rose?
Heidi: Heidi. Stop Major, I got work to do.
John: There's no più important work than to entertain the men who keep the galaxy in order. Shall I sing te a song?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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In a village near the castle, a steam engine blew it's whistle, pulling seven hopper cars. Once the train was gone, it was sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza for John, and his men to attraversare, croce the tracks. They had to pass between two più freight cars, marked for the Imperials.

Morris: te know Major, I thought this galaxy got rid of trains over 200 years ago.
John: Not on this planet. They're preserved for recreational, and educational purposes. Let's go into the depot across the street.


Quickly, and quietly, John and the others got to the depot. John held the door open for the others as he watched to make sure no Imperials spotted him. Once the other five got in, John walked in, and closed the door.

Barkley, Thomas, Christianson: *Putting their bags on a shelf*
Jott: *Puts his bag successivo to Barkley's*
Morris & John: *Put their bags on a different shelf*
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted più di un anno fa
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Song (Start at 1:28):

Morris: *Laying down, looking through his macrobinoculars at the castle*

He looked to the left, and saw a cable car station.

Morris: *Continues to look at the castle*
John: *Walks down the hill, and lays down successivo to Morris, also looking at the castle*

Stop the song

Morris: Take a look down there. *Points to an area on the ground below the castle*
John: *Looks at an Imperial Troop Transport passing a fence. It passes an astro droid with small cannons attached to it's side* That little droid has powerful cannons.
Morris: Yeah. Astro droids with cannons, a guard tower, and a wire fence.
John: Fences can be climbed o cut Lieutenant.
Morris: I doubt if that one could be climbed, it looks like it's got 3,000 volts around it. *Points to the right* If I'm not mistaken Major those are some army barracks over there.