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 Rare Slave Leia picture
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Carrie in a different pose as Slave Leia
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Wanter-Lo. 7:00 AM

Rebel boats were heading to the big clifftops of the town called Wanter-Lo.

Alan: We have to go all the way up there?
Rebel 62: What's the matter Private? te scared?
Alan: No. Not at all. Just what is our objective?
Rebel 57: Imperials have cannons, and we gotta destroy them before they take down any of our Mon Calamari's.

They reached land, and everyone got out of the boats. Stormtroopers on superiore, in alto of the cliffs spotted them.

Stormtrooper 34: They're here! Shoot them!
Rebels: *Shooting the Imperials*
Imperials: *Shooting the Rebels*
Rebel 50: Quickly, set up the ladders, and harpoon...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Coruscant, one of 678 Rebel barracks. It was raining, and the thousands of soldiers in the barracks were getting lunch.

Rebel Cook: *Serving Cibo to the soldiers* Keep the line moving. Take a lid. Silverware is to the left of the lids.
Rebel Soldier 53: te expect us to eat this slop again?
Rebel Cook: I don't care what te do Mack. Eat it, throw it out, do whatever te want with it. I only get paid to do one thing, and that's cooking. You're holding up the line.
Rebel Soldier 53: *Leaves*

Outside, a few of the Rebels were enjoying the rain.

Anthony: *Yawning*
Early: Didn't te get any sleep last...
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