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This stella, star Wars foto contains concerto. There might also be fuoco, fiamme, inferno, fontana, and fuoco.

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Long fa (thirty-five years and seven months, to be exact) and in a galaxy far, far away, producer-director-writer George Lucas made film history with the release of his movie, "STAR WARS: EPISODE IV - A NEW HOPE". Only, during the summer of 1977, it was simply known as "STAR WARS". And this science-fiction/fantasy homage to Saturday morning serials and mythology was something that moviegoers had never seen before.

Now considered as the fourth film installment of Lucas' stella, star WARS saga, "A NEW HOPE" chronicled the adventures of a space-aged farmboy...
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posted by Persephone713
Half of another person? she wondered. Standing there in the nude under the starlight. She put on her silky white nightgown and decided she was being a hormonal 18 yr. old.

" It just cant be. My mother is dead. My father is dead, and I have no living realitives." She then started to cry again. She always wanted to know her real parents and if she had any siblings.

But now was not the time to stress. Her and her foster father were going to meet the Emperor tomorrow and she needed sleep.She laid down on her letto and fell asleep.

Meanwhile...Lord Vader and the Emperor were having a visit.
" I want...
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posted by desjondeluxe
i made a record called " the joystick lothario " , it has comic book themes and sounds from sci fi, video games and anime.
the song " saturday knights " is based in the stella, star WARS universe,
i asked myself what do the JEDI do when they are done policing the universe, every once in a while they party ! this is a party song for the JEDI , its a straight groove ! its great to party to o to listen to on those long runs from one side of the universe to the other.
my name is desjon deluxe and te can find me on myspace music, drop da and enjoy the song " saturday knights " and songs from the album " the joystick lothario " . the complete album will be on itunes and other digital retailers in october.

ps. te must unlearn what te have learned about stella, star WARS music.
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