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Narrator: In a castello down in New Jersey, lives a gorgeous princess named, Chelsea, however Princess Chelsea disliked the name Chelsea and her preferito frutta was cherries, so they called her Princess Cherry. Back to the story, it was Princess Cherry’s 15th birthday, and ciliegia was fast asleep.
Queen Rita: Wake up Chelsea! It’s mommy! Today’s your birthday.
Narrator: Princess ciliegia hopped out of her bed.
Princess Cherry: *yawn* Oh yes, it certainly is my birthday! And mom, don’t call me Chelsea. I like to be called da my nickname, Cherry. ciao where’s dad?
Queen Rita: Okay honey, I’ll...
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Narrator: It was a lovely Monday morning in Wildwood, New Jersey. Measuring Snake was fast asleep dreaming about his magic mostra successivo week. Until the beeping of his alarm clock woke him up. It read: 9:00.
Measuring Snake: Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh nooooooo! Oh this can’t be happening! I woke up late. I need to purchase the ingredients for my potions! I need to be ready for successivo Saturday! o else my mostra will be called off! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!
Fix it Snake: What is going on dear, what is it with all the oh no’s? Is something wrong? Did your tail get all knotted up again?...
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