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ReserveYourName detto …
Good'day postato più di un anno fa
XxLove_or_DiexX commentato…
awwwwww xoxoxoxoxoxo *kiss* *hug* più di un anno fa
eillim detto …
has any one ever looked up and just admire tha it just me o are there people who are in Amore with sunsets n sunrises!!!!!!!! postato più di un anno fa
avatar2012 commentato…
dont worry im in Amore with them as well. They make me feel content. più di un anno fa
eillim commentato…
i know what u mean!!!lol più di un anno fa
PonygirlCurtis7 commentato…
i Amore them too. they make me think of the boy i love: Ponyboy Curtis più di un anno fa
opaquemystique commentato…
I'm più into sunset, for some reason. But, yeah I adore a nice sunrise/sunset any day! I just Amore the different colori that saturate the sky. più di un anno fa
"Read this OUT, Decide on IN" postato più di un anno fa