Super Junior Suju and SHINee

donghaeleeteuk posted on May 07, 2010 at 03:07AM
I know this fan site is for super junior but I LOVE shinee as well and they are so close to suju. just leave comments on what you guys think.
I LOVE KEY OPPA!!! he is only three months older than me. OMG

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più di un anno fa Ayakane said…
Its like DBSK is the senior of Super Junior and Super Junior is the senior of Shinee >.<
Haha! Hey, I love Key too. Who cares if my classmates thinks he's weird >:0
più di un anno fa SuperUkeChan said…
Ahh they're so cute~ Suju and Shinee together are awsome :D
My favorite is Jonghyun but it changes all the time between him, Minho and Key~ And Onew. Taemin is my least favorite but I love him a lot, he just creeps me out XD He's such a pretty boy and he's so young~ LOL it always makes me laugh because he was born on July 18th 1993, while Leeteuk was born on July 1st 1983 and Heechul on July 10th 1983... Which means that they are exactly 10 years older than him XDDDD Which of course makes me think that it's the perfect reason for Heechul to steal his innocense :D If no one else already did XD
più di un anno fa donghaeleeteuk said…
Key's ideal girl is a tomboy. I find that unsuitable for him. Plus, donghae and minho are so cute together. Jonghyun and Heechul are blood type buddies. lol
più di un anno fa lee_siwon said…
shinee is good as well. i love them........ i love onew!!!!!!!!!!!
più di un anno fa therrissh said…
big smile
i'm also a big fan of SHINee.. i love not only their music but also their fashion... onew looks like Yoo seung Ho.. hehe :D