Super Junior preferito english quote from FULL HOUSE?

Pick one:
"You are so gorgeous!"
"Nice weather!"
"Share me Musica with me?"
"Super Junior? ... I hate them!"
"I'm long!"
"We are genius!"
"I collect cars... I do it EVERYday!"
"You are SO smart! BRAVO!"
"You look like a something!"
"This is... CD!"
"Ooooh! te are very young!"
"Obey me! ... Just because!"
"Do te have money?" "Eh? Money? Who are you?!"
"I'm not easy."
"You look like a Nicholas Cage!"
"You look like a princess!"
"Come on, man! Yo, te are my friend! I Amore you, thank you. God, te are vey bea
"How about fighting?"
"Bring it on! Bring it on!"
"How about dancing?"
"Sky... Star... My eye."
"Hey Kyle!... I Lost my friend!"
"Open the door, please!"
"He is a monkey."
"Dog? Dog?! DOG?! ... DOG?!"
"You are so goges!" (gorgeous)
"I don't easy!"
"Yo, touch man!"
"Age?" - "B!"
"Soul in my eye!"
"Can te turn off the light please?"
"Americano one, but sugar no. 2, cafe latte but latte full…"
"I'm blind because... Your beauty shines!"
"I'm not X-man!"
"He is a hardcore!"
"Wait a minute. Your room number please?"
"Calm down. My intentions were good."
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