To Ad
Toad stared at the things in front of him shocked. "Toadette, te got to see this" Toad said. "Huh" Toadette looked up from the mushroom. "Oh my toadstool" she said. Toadette couldn't believe what she saw in front of her. There was a girl that looked like her and a crying looking Toad. "To Ad, didn't I just tell te to shut up" detto the Toadette girl. That just made To Ad cry even more. Toadette growled and ran right into Toad and Toadette. "Who the heck are you, te know that I like being silent" she detto angrily. "I'm Toadette" detto Toadette in the most annoying voice ever. "Hmm, I'm Toad Ette" detto Toad Ette. "I-I'm T-To A-Ad" To Ad wailed. "Your so annoying To Ad" Toad Ette shouted putting her hands on her hips. "So who exactly are you" she detto as she looked straight into Toadette's eyes. "I'm you, from the fungo Kingdom, I really like this place" Toadette kept on going on and on like usual. "Great, I have two annoying things da my side" detto Toad Ette as she looked up into the dark sky, "But is that really me" she thought as she had a image of Toadette in her head. To Ad was still crying loudly. "W-Why d-did B-Bowser h-have t-to d-die" To Ad stammered. "Were all sad about Bowser's death, he was the nice one, but te need to shut up" Toad Ette shouted. "I-I k-know I-I d-do" To Ad continued crying. Toad Ette knew that To Ad was never going to stop crying, so she sat down on a rock and started to meditate. "How about we leave now" detto Toad as he looked back over at Toadette. As usual, Toadette was talking. "So Bowser was nice over here" and she started talking about other random stuff. Toad knew that Toadette was right, Bowser was the good guy while, Toad couldn't keep his breath in, Mario was the bad guy over here.
Toad and Toadette were walking together with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi and Rosalina when out of nowhere a beautiful blue stella, star nube, nuvola appeared in the sky. They watched as Prince Mar Io, Lu Igi, Boo Anna and a arcobaleno Yoshi ran outside. "Oh no, Mar Io what are we going to do" Lu Igi gulped. "Were just going to have to deal with Queen Rosa Lina" detto Prince Mar Io. "Me" Rosalina gasped.
Toad Ette thinking of Toadette