Rosa Lina's first appearance
"Oh no, Mar Io what are we going to do" Lu Igi gulped. "Were just going to have to deal with Queen Rosa Lina" detto Prince Mar Io. "Me" Rosalina gasped. Rosalina couldn't believe that she was actually going to meet her parallel. Rosalina looked at the blue stella, star cloud, hoping that her other self would hurry. "I'm going to challenge her as soon as she gets here" Prince Mar Io shouted. "Are te sure about that Mar Io, Rosa Lina is the Queen of the Stars te know" detto the arcobaleno Yoshi worriedly. "So, I'm going to get her to her own special planet" Prince Mar Io detto rubbing his hands together. "Hi guys, I'm here" detto a più harmonial voice then Rosalina's voice. "Rosa Lina, I challenge you" shouted Prince Mar Io. "I accept your challenge, but..." Rosa Lina then floated over to the parallel Waluigi on a hovering star. "Hi baby" detto Rosa Lina dreamily. Rosa Lina then jumped off her stella, star and held Wa Luigi close to her. Wa Luigi also was in Amore with her. As Wa Luigi and Rosa Lina kept on talking Amore talk to each other, Prince Mar Io grabbed Rosa Lina's stella, star wand and starting blasting shooting stars in the air. Rosa Lina's stella, star nube, nuvola was back. "I'll send te back to your planet if te don't challenge me now" Prince Mar Io shouted. "Okay, Okay" detto Rosa Lina as she let go of Wa Luigi's hands. "See te later Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" she detto winking over at Wa Luigi. "Bye sweetheart" detto Wa Luigi holding his hands clasped. Rosa Lina stared at Prince Mar Io, "I'm ready" she said. "Okay" Prince Mar Io threw a lot of oro at Rosa Lina. The oro was sharp as it hit Rosa Lina's flesh. "Falling Star!" Rosalina shouted. "Gold Rush!" detto Prince Mar Io. The two kept going on and on. Suddenly, Rosa Lina fell to her knees. She had gotten too cut up. Her stella, star nube, nuvola came back and sucked her up. "Yes" Prince Mar Io cheered. "I would of really expected Rosa Lina to win" detto Lu Igi. "Rosa Lina" Wa Luigi wailed. He then looked up into Prince Mar Io's face. "You, te were the one who killed King Bowser, and now te send Rosa Lina back even though she's only allowed here once a year" Wa Luigi growled. "So, I know te Amore her and all, but she had to go back sometime" detto Prince Mar Io. "She could've stayed here the whole giorno though" detto Wa Luigi.
Rosa Lina's Planet
"Oh Wa Luigi, I feel bad for you" detto Rosa Lina sadly as she held her stella, star wand out in front of her. "I wish I could've of stayed the whole giorno too".
"Yoshi Yoshi, I wonder what my parallel looks like" Yoshi thought. Even when his parallel was standing right in front of him, Yoshi knew that his parallel was rainbow, but kept on thinking about his parallel.
Wa Luigi and Rosa Lina
Rosa Lina thinking about Wa Luigi