Yo Shi
"Yoshi Yoshi, I wonder what my parallel looks like" Yoshi thought. Even when his parallel was standing right in front of him, Yoshi knew that his parallel was rainbow, but kept on thinking about his parallel. As Yoshi kept on thinking, the arcobaleno Yoshi walked up to him. "Hello, I'm Yo Shi, nice to meet you" detto the arcobaleno Yoshi. Yoshi looked up at him. Yo Shi smiled and waved his hand. Yoshi couldn't believe it, he had never expected his parallel to look like that, but at least he was close. Yo Shi was still smiling and wanted to play with Yoshi. "Yoshi Yoshi, I wouldn't mind to play with you, I just have something else to do" detto Yoshi. Yo Shi just stared back at Yoshi confused. Yoshi knew that Yo Shi really wanted to play, and he was lying about having something else to do, he just didn't want to play right now. "What are te doing?" asked Yo Shi. "Yoshi Yoshi, I 'll be right back" detto Yoshi. Yoshi did a flutterjump and did not really want to see Yo Shi again. Yoshi knew he had to do a infinite flutterjump so he wouldn't always have to touch the ground to do another one. Yoshi let out a sigh and continued flutterjumping. "Hello" Yoshi heard a voice say. Yoshi stopped flutterjumping and let out a cry, Yo Shi was standing right in front of him. "Yoshi Yoshi, What are te doing here!" Yoshi shrieked loudly. "I want to play" detto Yo Shi. "Yoshi Yoshi, but I don't want to play" Yoshi shouted. Yo Shi stared at Yoshi shocked. "What do te mean te don't want to play?" Yo Shi asked. "Yoshi Yoshi, I just don't want to play" detto Yoshi. "Please" Yo Shi begged. His arcobaleno colori began to sposta and created a beautiful arcobaleno across the dark sky. Yoshi stared at it shocked. "I just wanted te to slide down my rainbow" detto Yo Shi. "Yoshi Yoshi, Oh" detto Yoshi as he looked at the rainbow. Yo Shi then helped Yoshi up onto the arcobaleno and the two slid down it together.
"Yo Shi, get down here" shouted a voice. Yo Shi finished sliding down the arcobaleno and stopped right in front of the creature who was talking to him. "Hello Bird O" detto Yo Shi. "Shut up" detto Bird O. Birdo frowned. He thought himself very ugly over here.
Yoshi thinks about what Yo Shi looks like
Yoshi thinks about what Yo Shi looks like 2
Yoshi thinks about what Yo Shi looks like 3