Iggy Koopa
Previously On Super Mario Stories: Mario & Luigi went off to the Toad Bazaar to buy più sugar for Peach's cake. Iggy and Kamek heard someone coming through the hallway door...

"What did te do this time te dumb Goomba of a Koopa?" Kamek asked Iggy. "Well... I sort'a used King Dad's coins to buy all of these glasses." Iggy explained further, but the door burst open and Lemmy came out on his wonder ball hopping and spinning gleefully. Iggy placed his hand on his cuore and sighed in relief. "Heeeeeyyyyyy… Iggster! I heard about your plan with the glasses!" Lemmy detto balancing on his wonder ball. "uhh… okay then, so I will go to the Toad Bazaar and test them on a green toad! Bahaha!" Iggy yelled. Iggy was hiding in a container with live cheep cheep at the Toad Bazaar waiting for a target. Suddenly, a green toad walked right past him. "He he he". Iggy placed the glasses on the toad's head. But then... "We a got the sugar!" Mario yelled as Luigi carried it. "What the Mario Bros.!? Hide me!" Iggy hid behind a scrivania, reception selling Tanooki Leaves, the Toad followed him. Mario was standing right beside them!
Lemmy Koopa