Previously on Super Mario Stories: Luigi broke into the castello and is now looking for Mario on Iggy's Airship.

Luigi started to climb the rope of the anchor on Iggy's Airship, it started to rain, Luigi slipped on the wet wood and started to fall! "Heeeellllllpppp!" But then someone caught Luigi on a rope, it was Mario! He had green hair like Iggy's and the M on his hat was now a large I! "You didn't think I would have let te go without a fight would you?" The evil Mario said. "Ma Ma Ma Mario! what a happened to you?!" No answer, Kamek snuck up on luigi and started to shoot fiery blasts out of his wand! "Not so fast te Magikoopa!" Luigi stomped the wand out of his hand. Luigi then started firing at every toad, the fuoco knocked the glasses off of their heads, "aha! so this the a cure!" Luigi detto happily. A pipe then appeared spitting out hundreds of grrolls at Luigi! "Ahhhh! Mama mia!" a pipe made of... cheese then appeared infront of Luigi. "Mmm... well, I guess stopping that guy can wait." Luigi was distracted da the cheese and started to eat the whole pipe! "Ah ha ha! Foolish Luigi!" Iggy stood back and enjoyed the show. They all then heard a mysterious noise, "Luigi! make like a plumber and un-clog that cheese!" It was Propeller Peach! she landed on Iggy, he retreated into his shell, the princess kicked Iggy into Mario, breaking the glasses, Luigi then kicked Iggy off of the airship, breaking one of the castello windows! "You haven't seen the last of Iggy!" Princess pesca, peach landed between the Marios. "Hey pesca, peach how did te know we were here?" Mario asked. "I heard Luigi screaming." pesca, peach said. Luigi was angry.

Iggy's plans have been foiled and the fungo people are safe, all thanks to the Mario Brothers! THE END