Below is a lista of my superiore, in alto five (5) preferito episodes from Season One (1993-1994) of "LOIS AND CLARK: The New Adventures of Superman". Developed for Televisione da Deborah Joy LeVine, the series starred Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher:


1. (1.12) "All Shook Up" - After preventing an asteroid from impacting upon Earth, Clark Kent/Superman loses his memory and forgets how to use his powers. Martha and Jonathan Kent arrive to help Clark regain his memory, so that he can become Superman and stop a fragment of the asteroid still heading to Earth. A first-rate remake of an old "Adventures of Superman" episode.

2. (1.08) "The Green Glow of Home" - In this tense-filled episode, an Environmental Protection Agency segnala leads Lois and Clark to Smallville in order to investigate. They discover that Jason Trask and Bureau 39 is after kryptonite to be used to kill Superman. Terence Knox, L. Scott Caldwell and Jerry Hardin guest-starred

3. (1.17) "The Rival" - This humorous episode featured a reunion between Lois Lane and her college rival, reporter Linda King of The Metropolis Star. The two rivals and Clark investigate a serious of accidents, and discover that The stella, star is causing them for stories. Dean Cain and Nancy Everhard guest-starred.

4. (1.16) "The Foundling" - A globe that Clark had retrieved from his spaceship begins to project messages from his biological father, Jor-El. A teenage thief steals the globe and other items from Clark's apartment, and it soon falls into the hands of Lex Luthor. Interesting episode. David Warner guest-starred.

5. (1.02) "Strange Visitor (From Another Planet)" - In this episode, Clark first learns about his origins and the sinister Jason Trask of Bureau 39, who visualizzazioni Superman as a threat to humanity. Terence Knox guest-starred.