Ever since New 52 Superman died, the Superman fandom has been diviso, spalato between those who are overjoyed the pre-Flashpoint Superman is coming back and those who actually liked N52 Superman’s stories.

I will not speak about the new Superman movies. That’s another matter of debate.

For the most part, I was on the fence about New 52 Supes. There were good stories, like Superman Unchained and Superman: Doomed, but so far there was nothing on the New 52 that could be considered transcendent o groundbreaking for the Man of Steel. Superman: Truth, however, was a proverbial brick to the testicles.

Grant Morrison was a major critic of the New 52 and attempted to recreate the più lighthearted elements of Superman in his Action Comics run. This seemed to be a general complaint about the New 52, which similarly featured Heroes who had long been paragons of virtue made darker and più aggressive.

Even Geoff Johns admitted that making the New 52 a blank slate was a mistake in the long run and wants Rebirth to give all DC series a single, unifying voice.

In my personal opinion, I’m actually enjoying the new Superman books. I’m glad to see Clark and Lois together again with a dutiful, loving son. If anything, this is a good way to appease those who criticized DC for being anti-marriage. One of the strengths of the pre-Flashpoint Superman comics was that it showed the Clark/Lois marriage was better than the Clark/Lois/Superman Amore triangolo from the Silver Age. People wanted them to finally get together, and boy did it pay off!

That Superman is the one I grew up with and the one I'm seeing once again.