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comfysocks101 posted on Mar 01, 2013 at 02:34AM
okay, so I originally posted this on tumblr, now I want to hear what you guys think this ending I came up with at like 4 in the morning

If Supernatural would have a happy ending, this is how I'd like it to end: So Sam and Dean have that epic final battle against who ever their enemy is, and it's all bloody and stuff and they like sacrifice themselves or win and humanity is saved and as a reward, God turns back time and sends them back that night their mother died, but nothing happens and they grow up normal and happy with their parents, having a normal life with no supernatural stuff ever crossing paths with them. We fast forward to present day and maybe it's a holiday (probably the 4th of July) and so their family and friends are reunited in their backyard where they're having a barbecue. Dean is sitting like on the hood of the impala and Sam goes and joins him with two beer bottles and hands him one. They stare at their family and friends and we see Cas ( but it can also be Jimmy. That will be left up to the viewers) and then Dean says something like "hey man, don't burn the hot dogs like last time!" And he replies with something and then Sam says something back and they turn away, laughing. (Did I mention it's night time?) so then as they're looking up at the stars, Sam asks dean something like "hey dean, do you ever wonder what's out there? If there's something more? Don't you ever want to run away and travel places and have adventures?" And dean will stay quiet for a minute before saying "yeah, but as awesome as that sounds," and he's going to turn back to look at his friends and family laughing and having a good time and the he's going to say "something tells me it's not as great as it sounds. Besides, I wouldn't trade this life for anything." And Sam will smile and say,"me too, dean. Me too." And they will clank their bottles together and take a sip and look up at the stars, smiling. The camera Will pan up to them looking at the stars as 'carry on my wayward son' plays in the background, and as it turns black, the lyrics will say " don't you cry no more." And get cut off.

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più di un anno fa Flickerflame said…
Nice idea. But haven't they pointed out a few times, in episodes like What Is And What Should Never Be, that hunting is the reason for the brothers' bond? In your scenario they wouldn't realistically be as close. And I'd wonder how they'd end up meeting Jimmy, too.
più di un anno fa Flickerflame said…
There are two ways I can imagine SPN ending:
1. Both brothers die heroically saving the world. As do any other hunting characters who've survived that far.
2. A repeat or reversal of the season 5 finale, since that was originally planned as the end. Basically, one brother has died saving the world. The other has survived and is now living the apple pie life that he at one time wanted, but it's bitter now because he can't save his brother.