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This Taylor Lautner wallpaper might contain completo, vestito di affari, ritratto, headshot, primo piano, and closeup.

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CHAPTER 4 Awarness of the situation
i blinked hard to the voice i heard it was a voice i would recognize it from everybody ...that voice was special.
i turned my head trying to look if i could see ...him
but i couldnt see anything all i could hear were some footsteps.
i turned my back he was 3cm far from me,he put his hands on my face and whispered in a lower voice
-"it looks like i Amore you..." then he smiled
i was left in coma my cheeks were now burning and all i could do was look in taylor's eyes just wishing we could stay like this an eternity.
a moment later he closed his eyes and...
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'Caught Up In You' video (Taylor is HOT in it!)
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