Chapter 1: Decision
I remember when my life was worth living back when my father was alive I was a daddy's girl we did everything together he was my best friend then when he died because of a cuore attack that's when my world crumbled going nothing but down here from there. I was getting teased in school because of my disability, my mother remarrying a selfish rich man who out of jealousy tries so hard to make my mother Amore him da buying her gifts, and taking her on vacations constantly so she wouldn't have anytime for me which then lead to me going into a deep depression I just want nothing to do with the world o the people in it I'm always da myself half of the time I think about killing myself so I can reunite with my father and be the happy girl I once was but I never actually had the guts to do it.

After several years of putting up with the same old thing I realized that I had to get out of there my father wouldn't want me to give up on life so easily especially when I had so much ahead of me so one stormy night when my mother was fighting with my step father about how she never is with me and that he was jealous of the Amore she had for me because I was her child and how she would probably never see her grandchildren because she was never there I decided to runaway start a new life for myself the only thing I knew was that I had to get out of there so I packed a duffle bag with a few of my preferito clothes and Converse my computer, iPod stereo, art supplies, a picture of me and my father, and my teddy orso that I since I was one Brownie he has been there for everything how could I possibly leave him behind he's a piece of my childhood.
I zipped my duffle then placed the money that I had taken from my step fathers sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza along with my own into my wallet and in the duffle, wrote my mother a good-bye note telling her why I was leaving and that she would always be my mother no matter what I would always Amore her leaving it on my made letto and took my fathers oro diamond pinky ring and placed it on my right index finger, placed the duffle over my shoulder taking a look around my room one last time as a way of saying goodbye to my old life and climbed down the albero outside my window heading east to the closest bus stop a few blocks away.