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posted by nocofangirl218
So, this story is when I did the whole ‘NoCo’ theme contest. I then asked if I should make it into a song-fiction, and te all detto yes. So, here it is. This is my first song-fiction, and I’m sorry if it sucks. This takes place when the contestants were headed to their first destination.

Disclaimer: I own nothing da Total drama island - action - world tour, nor Big Time Rush.

As the Total Drama World Tour plane flew toward the contestants first destination, all the people on board were happily talking to...
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posted by AwesomeFangirl
OK! My first fanfiction! Yay! I'm only starting (as in, Scrivere fafics), so don't expect a masterwork, but please take time to read!
It really didn't take that long to do, I've been thinking about it for a while, but it didn't take long to actually complete so... yeah, ENJOY!

Cody quietly crept into the cold, dark, musty room. His cuore pounded and his body was shivering, either from the dry coolness o from the fear that was slowly consuming him. The smell of rotting scraps and for some reason, dead fish, filled his nostrils.

Something dark, maybe a rat, ran away into the più empty darkness....
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posted by canddfan29
Part 4:

   Two months went da without any fighting, blaming, o accusing-just love, love, love. We went out almost every night-I was almost never seen without Noah and he was almost never seen without me. Having a boyfriend was great, and it was amazing to be in love, especially with someone who loved me back.
   So one giorno after school, I met Noah da his locker as usual. We took turns meeting each other at our lockers every day. I almost never teased him about his libri anymore-it had gotten boring after a few weeks, and I was too in Amore to try and come up with new material.
   At Noah's...
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posted by canddfan29
Part 3: 

   After school, I walked up to Noah's locker. He was frantically shoving libri in his backpack. He closed his locker, and smiled when he saw me. 
   "If I baciare you, will te not tease me about my books?" Noah asked. 
   "It's a deal," I agreed, giving him a peck on the lips.  
   "Hey, want to come over?" he asked. 
   "Yeah, sure," I said. 

   At Noah's house, he opened the front door with his key and we went inside. "Nice house," I commented.
   "My parents are big-time lawyers," he informed. "Want to see my room?"
   "Sure," I said. "I'm guessing it has to be pretty...
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