Okay, so before I start I'd just like to say that if te like o Amore Scott & Kira o dislike o hate them for other reasons than the ones I'm going to talk about here, then this articolo is obviously not referring to you, so please don't be offended. This articolo is not about te not being able to dislike o hate a character, it's about HOW te judge them.

I really wanted to get this off my chest, because over the years I have seen some really horrible judgement of especially Scott & Kira as characters. This makes me really sad and really annoyed, because I absolutely Amore these characters and for some reason some people seem to view these two as something that they're absolutely NOT!

Some people think Scott is a horrible person, I don't know what kind of dimension te live in to get that idea, because the mostra states really often how caring and passionate Scott is, in fact he is the person of the entire mostra who cares about everyone and wants to save everyone, the mostra expects us to understand this, pretty much every episode someone talks about how good of a person Scott is. Literally everyone in mostra admires Scott, Pack, random people and villains alike, all these people view Scott as an admirable person. Scott wants to save pack members, random people and again even villains, so how can fan view Scott as a horrible person when literally ever damn character of the mostra admires him and looks up to him, while every protagonist in the mostra all like him a lot, because he wants the best for them and he cares about them a lot. With a person like Scott it could NOT be più obvious how good of a person he is. And when it means più to Scott how everyone is saved, and te Amore Stiles, Lydia o Derek more, how could te think Scott is horrible and these three aren't? I just want to understand how some people get the impression that Scott is the complete opposite of what he actually is. 'Scott saves someone and hugs them' "What a horrible person" 'Derek saves someone and hugs them' "I Amore te so much!" This kind of one sided, biased way of judging characters is everywhere. But for some reason people misunderstand and misjudge Scott & Kira più than pretty much everyone else, it also happens quite a lot for Malia and Allison, but from what I see not really many others.

Also take the Scott & Stiles falling apart scene. There is so much bias and one-sided judgement here that it's just overwhelming. many people never considered looking at Scott's point of view, instead they act like "How could te trust Theo over Stiles" when in fact this is just not true. Scott didn't trust Theo OVER Stiles, Stiles never told Scott anything about it at all, so Scott listens to the one person who DOES come to him, he confronts Stiles about it and asks like 3 times "Did te really do it?" He doesn't immediately judge Stiles without asking him AT ALL! I wish people would notice Scott's problems and the things he says more. Also people in this situation never seem to ask the question: "Why did Stiles not trust Scott with the truth?" Does that make him a horrible person too? Everyone knows that Stiles went through hell, felt guilty and it was completely understandable that he was too scared to tell the truth, I would have been too, but PLEASE for the Amore of humanity try and understand Scott too, he actually went through hell too that season, but no one cares?

I've seen a few people who even detto that Scott was an abusive person (How the hell could te even get that impression?) When exactly was Scott abusive in any way at all? Some of those people even detto they hated Kira for being around Scott too much, so let's say I hate Scott, why on earth would that automatically make me hate characters who hangs around him a lot? I've also seen a lot of people who hated Kira and gave no reason at all. Then there is the people who hates her "because" they Amore Scallison? Lol, that just doesn't make sense, it's overwhelming how many fan have this kind of immature judgement of characters. Kira is with Scott but I want Allison with Scott = I have to hate Kira. Let's ignore the fact that Allison is dead, because I'd rather have a dead Allison be with Scott than Kira... I can't believe people sometimes, they don't know that they are basically saying that they want Scott to be sad and alone forever. And in my opinion Scott and Kira is easily one of the most healthy and sweetest couples this mostra has ever had, how can some people not see this?

It also seems to me like a lot of fan actually judge Scott based on how bad he is rather than how good he is. What I mean da that is that they look FAR più on the negative things they can find about Scott and ignore a lot of the positive things completely.

Stiles: "Scott, te can't protect everyone" "Scott: I have to" I think this quote tells te what kind of person Scott is really well, and there are MANY Citazioni like these throughout the show, don't ignore all of them and tell me that Scott is an absolutely horrible person.

I really wanted to get this off my chest, because these characters means a lot to me!!! And seeing people hate on them and judge them so wrong is just really hurtful.

Scott, Kira and Malia, I will always Amore te for the awesome characters that te are <3