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Bibi69 posted on Feb 11, 2017 at 02:28AM
My good friend link did this in the link spot. I thought I'd bring it here, with a couple of modifications. [You can click on the link to the spot if you'd like to look at the original one. Might give you some ideas on how you wanna post your stuff]

You can treat this like a 30 Day Challenge if you like (er, 50 Day Challenge) and answer one question a day, or you can answer them all at once if that's more your style. Answer however and whenever you want, there's no schedule to stick to. It's completely up to you. Have fun!

- Top 5 male characters?
- Top 5 female characters?
- Favorite minor character?
- Favorite villain?
- Favorite kind of creature?
- What kind of creature would you like to be?
- Would you be an alpha, a beta or an omega?
- Favorite TW actor?
- Favorite TW actress?
- Favorite guest star (character and/or actor)?
- Your favorite non-TW project with a TW cast member in it?
- Top 5 (or 10) episodes?
- Rank the seasons in order of preference. (Half-Seasons counts as different seasons)
- Favorite scary scene?
- Favorite funny or cute scene?
- Favorite dramatic scene?
- A scene that makes you think of another tv show/movie.
- What show would make a cool cross-over with TW?
- Favorite friendship?
- Favorite parent/child relationship?
- Favorite siblings?
- Favorite canon couple?
- Favorite non-canon couple?
- 'Ship you just don't get.
- Pick 5 TW characters to join your apocalypse dream team.
- Which TW character would you absolutely NOT want to be stuck with?
- Best character-centric episode?
- Favorite season premiere? (Half-Seasons counts as different seasons)
- Favorite season finale? (Half-Seasons counts as different seasons)
- Favorite location?
- Do you have any TW merch?
- Saddest death?
- Best death?
- If you could have saved one character, who would it be?
- If you could bring back a character that didn't die but just left, who would it be?
- Least favorite female character?
- Least favorite male character?
- Two characters that never met, but should have?
- Something that happened you wish didn't happen?
- Something that didn't happen you wish happened?
- Character you'd date?
- Which character are you most like?
- Have you ever been to a TW convention or fan event? If not, would you like to?
- Scariest creature?
- Best plot twist?
- Best kill?
- Have you seen the original movie with Michael J. Fox?
- Favorite TW poster?
- Favorite TW meme?
- Favorite opening credits?
- A song that reminds you of TW or a character.
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