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Televisione Favourite female character out of my favourite.[Top 10]

91 fans picked:
3 Buffy Summers
5 Elena Gilbert
10 Kate Austin
4 Izzie Stevens
1 Cordelia Chase
8 Jenny Humphrey
9 Caroline Forbs
2 Willow Rozenberg
6 Lexie Grey
7 Tara Mclay
 willow96 posted più di un anno fa
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LilyPad2404 picked 7 Tara Mclay:
Tara is the best ! ! !
posted più di un anno fa.
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Huddy_Gurly picked 1 Cordelia Chase:
LOVE her!!! and Buffy&Willow&Tara and Kate..and Lexie
posted più di un anno fa.
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x-missmckena-x picked 1 Cordelia Chase:
I saw number 1 and i didnt even have to look who the other 9 were! She is my ultimate fav tv character!
posted più di un anno fa.
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katie15 picked 5 Elena Gilbert:
Elena, Caroline, Kate, Buffy and Cordelia.
posted più di un anno fa.
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pasdoll picked 9 Caroline Forbs:
Also Izzie and Cordelia
posted più di un anno fa.