Televisione Which is your preferito high school friendship?

Pick one:
Rory & Lane (Gilmore Girls)
Rory & Paris (Gilmore Girls)
Veronica & Wallace (Veronica Mars)
Logan & Duncan (Veronica Mars)
Serena & Blair (Gossip Girl)
Peyton & Brooke (One albero Hill)
Haley & Lucas (One albero Hill)
Buffy, Willow & Xander (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Nathan & Peyton (One albero Hill)
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Brooke & Haley
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Ryan and Seth (The OC)
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Jen & Jack (Dawson's Creek)
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Summer and Marissa(The OC)
Summer and Marissa(The OC)
Hannah & Lily (Hannah Montana)
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