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@The CW Network -Katy Keene premieres Thursday, February 6 on The CW
katy keene
welcome to new york
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the cw
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Law & Order - Unità vittime speciali
it's chinatown
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This is a resource guide for anyone who is looking for a particular scene from a Televisione mostra for a pick, a quiz question, making graphics, etc. It's a work in progress...a lista I compiled of every Televisione episode I've found screencapped. NOTE – Most of the links below will take te to a gallery where each image must be downloaded separately. However, I have included TV shows where the immagini must be downloaded in zip files. If te find any link that is broken o goes to the wrong site, please commento and I'll fix it. If te know of any screencap resources that te wish to have added...
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prodigal son
red band trailer
 Richie Stephens
Richie Stephens
From Brit to German, actor link brings his diverse accents to the small screen. The Irish actor who now calls Los Angeles home, recently appeared on TNT’s crime drama MAJOR CRIMES as a British villain and will successivo appear as a German pilot on Cameron Crowe’s Showtime series ROADIES.

Previously, Richie portrayed the ‘savior’ in three of Florence and the Machine’s Musica videos; guest starred as a Texas serial killer on CBS’s Criminal Minds; and appeared in the indie films, Soy Nero, The Shop, Selling Dreams and Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner Fruitvale Station.

Richie Stephens recently...
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Gossip Girl
Blair Waldorf
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 "UNDERWATER" - poster
"UNDERWATER" - poster
Independent writer/producers NATHAN MARSHALL and MICHAEL TRAYNOR are proving Televisione projects really can be created at a fraction of the cost with all of the quality of a studio venture.

Their new half-hour comedy pilot “UNDERWATER,” features a witty concept and an impressive cast that includes: RACHEL NICHOLS (Alex Cross, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, Continuum, Criminal Minds), BARRY BOSTWICK (Spin City, Cougar Town, Rocky Horror Picture Show), BROOKE NEVIN (Breakout Kings, Call Me Fitz) and co-creator Michael Traynor.

Prior to teaming up, Marshall and Traynor each built a solid resume in...
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 Eric Satterberg
Eric Satterberg
Actor ERIC SATTERBERG will go from one extreme to the other with his two upcoming Televisione roles. Up first, he’ll die a horrible death on the series finale of Spike TV’s “1000 Ways to Die,” scheduled to air on April 30th; and then later this anno he’ll go for gut-busting laughs with an appearance on Nickelodeon’s award-winning kid favorite, “iCarly.”

I recently caught up with this hard working actor and had a chance to ask him about these roles, his preferito TV shows and more.

HOLLY: Tell us a little about your role on “1000 Ways to Die.”

ERIC: I play Ira. He is a little...
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Favorite Male

Favorite Female

Favorite Blonde

Favorite Brunette

Favorite Redhead

Favorite uniquely hairstyled character

Favorite famous character

Favorite mom

Favorite dad

Favorite kid

Favorite teen

Favorite sidekick

Favorite musician
any character that is shown playing an instrument

Most complicated character

Most surprising character revelation*

Favorite back-story

Favorite parent-child relationship
This doesn't have to be between two characters that are actually related

Favorite friendship

Favorite inter-sibling relationship
This also doesn't have to be between characters that are actually related...
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Who doesn’t Amore a tasty meal o good laugh?

New York based creative team Constance Zaytoun and Marc Stuart Weitz have mixed all the ingredients for both in their new comedy web series “Constance Cooks.”

Premiering on the festival circuit, the pilot earned ‘Best Pilot’ at 2018 NYC Web Fest and earned 3rd place in the ‘Best Comedy’ category at New York Women in Film & Television’s Online Shorts Fest. più accolades are surely on their way this mese as the pilot heads to the New York Indie Theatre Film Festival and the secondo episode debuts at the Winter Film Festival.

To get...
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