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la scelta dei fan: I'm on my way ❤
la scelta dei fan: Rachel ; Queen
la scelta dei fan: Fatemeh ; Primadonna Girl (Lana Del Ray)
la scelta dei fan: Rachel ; Ella (Cinderella 2015)
la scelta dei fan: Robb/Rachel ; Because I Amore Her (the cigno Princess)
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WarriorGilbert detto …
Joined! Thank te guys for inviting me <3 I am honored postato più di un anno fa
XxXrachellXxX commentato…
Thank te for joining <33 più di un anno fa
twilightlover73 commentato…
Well hey, you're special. Thanks for joining. più di un anno fa
KatieSalvatore commentato…
Hello! Thank te for inviting me too! più di un anno fa
twilightlover73 detto …
Right, so this happened.

Rachel and I would really Amore te guys to join, so thanks. It's really late right now and I can't function well enough tow rite a proper welcome, but trust me we do welcome you. Now excuse me while I collapse. postato più di un anno fa
XxXrachellXxX commentato…
Yep, yep, what she detto ;D Tomorrow we're gonna put up a banner (about all of our preferito things) and I really hope this works out, because I like it already, and I have a lot of ideas :) più di un anno fa