again this is something i plan to write...also sorry if it seems long i just cant seem to shut up when it comes to sasuke itachi and sasane....<.< anyways enjoy and please comment

sasane held her hand on sasukes forehead until he fell asleep. she knew he was weakend from the battle earlier that giorno yet she couldnt help but think why his charkra was gone.had itachi hit a chakra point o had sasuke gotten in a fight befor his capture?sasane was confused.she stood.
"im gonna go get some stuff that'll hopefully bring his fever down mind watching him for a minute?" sasane asked.
"not at all..."itachi replyed
sasane smied at her older brother then left to get what she would need, in order to bring sasukes fever down. meanwhile itachi lookd down at his younger brother. to look at him te wouldnt even guess he had a fever...but he did.
"sasane knows her stuff...sasuke taught she can put it to use.but i can tell shes worried about him.she wants to speek with him as soon as possiable...but about what,i wonder."itachi thought
in the infermore sasane got things she would need.a cloth,water,medications and other things of that nature.also she got some extra blankets just in case sasuke body tempture fell unexpectedly.sasane sighd.
"i hope this'll work....." she detto out-loud
sasane had been gone no longer then 4 o 5 minuti yet to her it felt like 4 o 5 hours have past.kicking open the door she saw itachi knelling da sasukes letto with HIS hand placed on sasukes forehead.
"has anything happend? did his fever go up o down?"sasane asked.
"unfortunatly his tempture went up..." itachi detto looking at sasane.
sasane sighd and walked over to sasukes bed.she moved itachis hand and dampend the cloth then placed it on sasukes forehead.itachi lookd at his brother then to his sister.
"the the hidden leaf village know sasuke is gone?"he asked.
"should they.?" sasane said.
"i dont know...kakashi Naruto and sakura are most likely searching for him.doesnt that bother you?"itachi said.
"no,itachi.and the way your saying these things it sounds like te trying to make me confess to something.i can asure you...i have done nothing.its natrul for the younger sister of any family to worry for her brother's sake."sasane said.
itachi was taken back that his sister knew what he was trying to do. her word echod in his mind"its naturel for the younger sister in any family to worry for her brothers sake.".
"she always seems più worried about sasuke...i understand that because she's spent the most time with him sence her birth,yet the giorno it was reveild to her that i waas her brother...she changed."itachi thought.
the both sighd surpriseingly at the same time.they lookd at each other and laughd.for the rest of the night they took turns tending to sasuke hopeing to bring his fever down.they were partially succsseful yet sasukes fever still exceded 102 degrees.itachi knew his sister worried for sasuke so he was going to make sure sasuke recoverd and was able to speek in 3 days.