i kneeled in front of the high lady and high master. i wore the chimono, kimono of a high class princess.the maidens got my hair up and it HURT!!!!!!!
"my dear im so glad your home!!" the high lady said.
i shifted my gaze way to the left at a rack of spears.
"me being here for 5 minuti should equal to 5 years in prison..." i said.
the high master and hight lady looked at me and sighed.
"you dont seem too pleased" the high master said.
i stood up and raised my fist.
"theres a reason for that te dip-wad!! te kidnapped me and took me away from my 3 younger sisters i need to take care of cause my oldest sister is in a coma!!!" i yelled.
just then a mail carryer came in with a letter.
"princess. a letter for you." the messanger said.
i grabbed it from him and ran to my room.
when i got to my room there was a young girl with short black hair in a rosa kimono. she looked back at me and smiled.
"hi there! im shirukia your 'sister' here" she detto cheerfully.
"hey..." i detto coldly Leggere the letter.

it me, sora. im ok now and dont stress out!! dont lose sight of your atasunta blood-line! me and the girls are comeing to get you! and im sorry i had to foca, guarnizione isakamaru. Amore te and stary safe

i nodded and wrote back

ok i wont freak out and dont worry i wont lose sight of my atasunta blood-line.
Amore te all always and forever

"your real family?" shirukia asked.
i looked at her surprised.
"dont worry i understand i've been trying to get home for..." she started counting on her fingers,"1,2,3,4,5...5 years now." shirukia said.
i nodded and felt sorry for her. then we heard an explosion. we quickly ran to see what happened but our guards stopped us and locked us in our room.
"it sounded like the...explosion came from the inner yard!" shirukia said.
"was it sora and the others...." i thought.
__________________________________________________my real home
toshiro walked in side and sighed. he had been at work and was tired. he opened his eyes and saw isabella kallen akane and sora ready for a fight.he just stare before saying.
"what happened to zuki this time...?".
"someone kiddnapped her!!!" everyone yelled.
toshiro sighed again turned started to leave and said
"ill alert the head captain...".
toshiro left and so did sora isabella kallen and akane.they knew toshiro would be right behind them.
__________________________________________________to be continued
me in the god dang high class princess dress and "lovely" hair-style -_-
toshiro after comeing home