Broken Heart

I yelled at Shirou-nii for a ora because of Zuki being in those cell's God did I hate seeing her in those things "How dare you!" I yelled as tears rolled down my cheeks "Sora it's my dut-" "Screw your duty! Who is più important?!!! Your Sister, o your job?!" such rage I had, I gripped Bloody Rose as hard as I could, " have a point" he detto "your damn right I do! I don't know if I can trust te any più Shirou-nii" I detto coldly "what?!" I looked at him "you release your sister this instance!" he hesitated "DO IT!" I screamed "What's going on?!" detto Asmita who had arrived "you should know!" I yelled "my sister is locked up! Because of him!" I yelled as I pointed at my brother "now Sora" began the blind man "you know that he is just doin-" I cut him off "his job.....I know that, but, as te know I am Queen now," my brother lowered his head "I want to see her" I detto flatly "fine" Shirou-nii detto as he lead me to her cell "Zuki.....I'm so sorry your in here, it's all Shirou's fault" I detto as I rubbed her hair "Onee, it's fine, do te know when I'll be out?" tears fell from my face "I have no possible clue, but here" I handed her one of the vial's that had vanquishing powder in it "you see Tokoma o Noin again te use this" she looked at me puzzled "but Tokoma is dead!" "Noin can bring people's a sin what he does..." I said, da the time we finished talking I had made a puddle from my tears "bai bai" Zukisaru detto as I left "bai bai" I walked out of the area with her Katana in my arms "if te as so much think of it," I began threshing the guards "I'll kick your ass" I hissed as I walked out of the jail and to home.