The Beatles Beatles superiore, in alto Ten Best Songs List: Do te Agree?

ktichenor posted on Aug 04, 2016 at 05:06PM
Recently an article was released on-line and it was a list of what they consider the Beatles best hit songs of all time and also what they feel represents how their song writing matured through the years. (the article's words not mine) Here's their list:

1. I saw her standing there
2. I’ve just seen a face
3 In my life
4. Tomorrow never knows
5. A day in the life
6 I am the walrus
7 Hey Jude
8 Happiness is a warm gun
9 Abbey Road Medley
10 I’ve got a feeling

So that's their list but what do you think? Do you think this list does them just and what do you think are their top ten best songs?
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più di un anno fa Rubyrings said…
Well, any Beatles top ten best songs list would do them justice, no matter what, because they're just that good. But I still don't fully agree with this one, because they almost completely skip over the early years, moving straight from Please Please Me to Help!, as though the days of Sweet Beatles Love Songs weren't important, just because, I guess their songs weren't "mature" enough - meaning there was no way to read deep, hidden meaning into them. If it were me, I'd have made at least the first six or seven early year songs and then had a few of their best later year songs at the end. And all the later-year songs I'd pick would be love songs. For me, that's what the Beatles were all about.
ktichenor commented…
I swear their words not mine but I completely agree with you. And for me all their songs are brilliant and thoughtful and I can think of a ton of songs that should've been on that lista particularly George Harrison (and did te noticed that neither he o Ringo made the list, so unfair) più di un anno fa
Rubyrings commented…
You're right - I didn't even notice that! They really should have had some Ringo and George, especially if they do want to mostra the Beatles evolving! Don't worry, though, I know it was their words and not yours. And my superiore, in alto Ten lista would be completely different from theirs, but that's the beauty of the Beatles. Everyone who tries to come up with a superiore, in alto Ten lista will come up with something completely different, because they just don't have any mediocre o bad songs. più di un anno fa
Rubyrings commented…
Sure! Beatles fandom could become something like that! And then nobody would confuse being a fan of the Beatles with being a fan of any other band. più di un anno fa
·2 mesi fa Pinnipedi said…
No, not at all! I only agree with one of those.
Not in order:
I Want To Hold Your Hand
A Day in the Life
Nowhere Man
Penny Lane
All You Need Is Love
Can't Buy Me Love
Let it Be
She's Leaving Home
ktichenor commented…
Good choices! Personally, I think any combination of Beatles songs can be called the best, I think it just depends on the Beatles fan themselves. Everyone has their own opinion :) ·2 mesi fa