The Beatles Te Know Your A Beatles Fan When...

thebeatleslover posted on Dec 20, 2009 at 11:27PM
- when you meet someone named Lucy, you immediately feel the urge to start singing "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
- when someone says "help" to you, you answer them with "i need somebody!"
- when you name your teddy bear after Ringo
- when you have deep conversations about John, Paul, George & Ringo as if you really knew them
- when you like not only all of the beatles's music but John, George, Paul & Ringo's solo stuff too
- When you found out your uncle's funeral song was "In My Life", you laughed. But still cried when it was actually played.
- You wake up from a nap when you here a Beatles song and start to sing along. And then happily go back to sleep.
- you get happy when you here someone mention the beatles and happily join the conversation
- You sing rain when it rains
- when you got your haircut, then you showed up at school the next day and your friend says you look like a beatle, and you think "cool!"
- Your dream in life is to be a paperback writer.
- You've come in through the bathroom window.
- You looked up Dhani Harrison's band just to hear if his singing voice is like his dad's.
- When you hear someone hates the Beatles or thinks them overrated, you immediately want to debate them and change their minds.
- In your spare time you read all the books you can get about them, and/or read information about them on the internet, and/or watch their movies/documentaries, and/or download their rare songs, that aren't on their albums.
- You are at the grocery store and a Beatles song can be heard over the intercom, and you begin to sing along, though slightly off-key, and then you start dancing in the aisle, and everyone stares at you like you're out of your mind. But you don't care, it's THE BEATLES!
- When you have recurring dreams about them
- you know about the 'Paul is dead' hoax and either believe it or dont
- You tried meditation because the Beatles did.
- A day in the life starts playing in ur head while watching the news or reading the paper
- Hey Jude and Here Comes the Sun always makes you feel better after having a bad day:)
- you named ur pets George, Paul, John, Ringo, Lucy, Sadie, Jojo, Jude, Julia, Desmond, Molly, Rita, Prudence, Maxwell etc
- When for your project where you have to choose any well-known city in the world and make a brochure about it, you pick Liverpool.
- when you can't think of a song of theirs that you don't like.
- You listen to them everyday
- You have to record everything that they play on tv about them.
- You want The Beatles Rock Band game.
- You have to have everything of them.
- You want to name stuffed animals after the members of the band.
- you have to look at Beatles stuff at the stores even if you just seen it the day before
- you randomly picture in your mind what it would be like to hang out with all of the members.
- anything anybody says, you can relate it to Beatles lyrics and immediately start singing the song
- You love each Beatle.
- You wish you could've met each of them./ Are happy you met them.
- you want/have all of their albums.
- You're eating dinner somewhere in a loud restaurant and you faintly hear a Beatles tune off in the distance. You rudely interrupt any conversation going on to announce that a Beatles song is being played. Everybody asks 'How can you hear that?' Then you explain how you have this sixth Beatles' sense
- You are pulling in to a parking space and a Beatle song comes on just as you are about to pull the keys out, and you sit and stay and sing as loud as you can tell everyone else walking past to join you until its completely over
- You find yourself attempting to subtly work them into conversations, school assignments, debates, letters
- Your sitting in a movie theatre, and a Beatles song comes on in the movie, you start singing it and start getting louder until someone tells you to shut up, which only makes you sing louder!
- You catch obscure references to the Beatles, intended or not, when watching movies or TV. And then you shriek and when everyone looks at you, say, THEYRE TALKING ABOUT THE BEATLES!!!
- You celebrate every Beatle birthday! :) And you morn the two Beatle death-days :'(

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più di un anno fa big-fat-meanie said…
What about these
You wish for a boyfriend that looked like a Beatle

When you listen to the music of the Beatles' influences.

The thing you do most on fanpop is write on Beatle groups

when you know who invented the sewing machine in 1846.

You couldn't date someone who disliked the Beatles.
più di un anno fa juicyjossy9 said…
Amazing! Hear about mine:
- When you know all the lyrics of all their songs by heart, even the rarities
- When your children know them all as well
- When you breathe every breath they take singing them
- When you use them to learn the English language
- When you use them for memory practice sessions to prevent Alzheimer’s disease
- When you remember almost all the dates of the first time you heard them on the radio and what you were doing at that very moment
- When you remember the dates you bought the records
- When you know in order all the titles of all their songs on both U.S. and U.K. vinyl 33 r.p.m. and 45 r.p.m. records and which of them are on A and B sides as well
- When you still have those vinyls, unscratched, in their jackets taped on three sides
- When you still have the seven scrap books you built 45 years ago
- When you learn all the chords of all the songs, even if you don’t know how to play guitar or piano
- When you still play air guitar on Revolution or air drum on The End when you hear them, no matter where you are
- When you hung an original Sgt. Pepper poster on your grandchild’s bedroom wall
- When you have an original Let It Be poster hung in your office
- When you made the numerology life paths of all the members
più di un anno fa Beatlesxoxo said…
When you horridly play air guitar whenever you hear an awesome solo when you listen to their songs.

Half your room is covered in Beatles posters/pictures

You listen to them almost every night

You actually consider maybe naming your future son John depending his looks XD

When you fill your locker with pictures of them

When you see a Beatles shirt you must have it

You buy Yellow Submarine folder's and notebook's

You play The Beatles Rock Band like 3 times a week

You make Liverpool one of your must go to places

You randomly belt out their songs

You love to talk in a fake Liverpudlian accent XD

You watch a commercial using a song The Beatles did a cover of and you automatically think of them and not the original artist

Their stuff covers most of you're Ipod (movies, music, pictures)

Someone say's they don't like The Beatles and that their lyrics were childish you automatically defend the boys saying how they did things other's could only dream of for their time

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più di un anno fa megann1992 said…
-After watching interviews with them, you start to act like them
-After watching interviews with them, you notice you start speaking with an accent that you didn't have before =D
-When you use a hammer, you automatically start singing Maxwell's Silver Hammer
-You've seen their movies more times than you can count, but you still laugh just as much as you did the first time
-You tell people that you're a mocker and that your hair is Arthur
-When people ask you about your relationship with someone, you reply "No actually, we're just good friends"
-You've adopted John's early look with the sunglasses and the hat
-You know what year a Beatle picture was taken just by looking at John's hair
-No matter how good the original song was, you think that the cover that The Beatles did of it is a 100 times better
-When people say that Ringo was no good, you feel the need to have a long arguement about how The Beatles just wouldn't have been The Beatles without him
-You know that George was just as good at writing songs as John and Paul were
-You appreciate their earlier work just as much as their later work
-When a person older than 50 sees you wearing a Beatle shirt and says that you probably don't even know one Beatle song, you start naming off songs that only a true Beatle fan would know
-You hear someone say she loves you, you just have to add, "Yeah, yeah, yeah"
-When watching A Hard Day's Night, you can sing along perfectly with the instrumental "This Boy" part of the movie, which will probably surprise your parents
-The Beatles dominate your iPod
-When having a conversation, you actually quote lines from a song. For example, I once told someone, "Any time at all, all you gotta do is call and I'll be there"
-You've seen almost every interview with them on YouTube
-You just don't understand how anyone could NOT like The Beatles
più di un anno fa rainandbomba said…
Oh I do have dreams about them...heehee. ;)
più di un anno fa vAmPiReNiNjA45 said…
u KNO ur a Beatles fan when you can look at John's album cover for "Two Virgins" and it doesnt faze u at all.....
più di un anno fa vAmPiReNiNjA45 said…
OH! and when you try and make each face in the mirror for A Hard Day's Night album cover. And when ur bored at school without even knowing it you start doodling their names and the next thing you know ur paper is filled with submarines, blackbirds, and octopuses in gardens;)
più di un anno fa vAmPiReNiNjA45 said…
Also if you read this whole page, and if ur not gettin annoyed by all the comments ive been posting.
più di un anno fa ladymichelle said…
- When nobody in the office where you work dares to even touch your Beatles coffee cup, because they all know it's a sanctury to you.

- If somebody calls you in the middle of the night, asks you for the Beatles' birthdates and - while you are still half asleep - you answer without making one mistake.
più di un anno fa rache1236 said…
hmm ive half gone off them ... maybe because i found more amazing bands... still love them though ! i like music like this more though !
più di un anno fa paulmccartney said…
When you dont do that very important maths test revision because you need to listen to some Beatles music
più di un anno fa StarPotterRings said…
- When you tell everyone at school "I am the Walrus!" and they are the Eggmen
- When you call people names from songs like octopuses, blackbirds etc.
- You stand on a hill and start singing "The fool on the Hill"
- You collect the original vinyls
- Someone says something related to a song and you start singing it
- You know most of the lyrics by heart
- When you're sad you listen to Beatles songs
- You find another Beatle fan and you start singing the songs together

I do these a lot lol
più di un anno fa LiveLoveMusic said…
All of the things on the list are true for me lol
più di un anno fa bozicek123 said…
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più di un anno fa Rubyrings said…
- When you think that you could only ever date someone who looks and acts like one
-When, any time you hear a Beatles song playing off in the distance, you have to RUN to catch up, even if everyone looks at you like you're crazy.
-When you want every piece of Beatles merchandise ever made
-When you can't stand the fact that they broke up.
-When you celebrate each important day in their lives
-When you can't stand people implying that they weren't happy together.
-When you hear someone putting the Beatles down or saying they like another artist as much as them or more, it makes you SO MAD
-When you don't want to think about anything else but them, day after day, for the rest of your life
- When just hearing a Beatles reference makes your heart beat like crazy
-When you feel you could never be friends with someone who doesn't love the Beatles as much as you do.

Hope I didn't miss anything
più di un anno fa ChiliPepperLuv said…
I can relate to quite a bit of them.
più di un anno fa ChinooksRock83 said…
I can relate to a lot of these, especially the last one.
più di un anno fa Peaceandlove67 said…
I can relate to nearly all of them, if not all of them.
·2 mesi fa Pinnipedi said…
-When you're walking down the street listening to "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band" and you get to the crossing and you're getting so into the song and you think the light is green so you start crossing but no it's not, it's red, and the cars are driving and you only narrowly avoid getting run over.
-When you pay 17 dollars to go and see the new movie "Yesterday" even though you never go to the cinema and hardly ever even watch movies.
-Whenever anyone says "the night before" you want to start singing "the night before"
-Whenever anyone says "getting better" you start singing "getting better"
-When you see people holding hands you starts singing "I want to hold your hand"
-When you think about them all the time.
-When you like their early and later stuff.
-When you walk home singing Beatles songs to yourself all the way home.
-When you always feel bursting to have a conversation about them with someone and always end up bringing up something related to the Beatles in your conversations.
- When their songs get stuck in your head.
-When you can't help but cover their songs even though you know no one likes Beatles covers.