The Beatles Preferito Beatle Son?(Or Daughter...)

Fallster64 posted on Feb 14, 2010 at 06:32PM
Anybody have a fave beatles offspring? Stella McCartney does stuff for Adidas as a fashion designer,and James McCartney is planning to go on a tour. Zak starkey is the drummer for the who and played with them on halftime.johns two sons are in the music busieness and have released a couple of albums. Georges son, dhani is in a band called thenewno2 that are going on tour with wolfmother. I would have to say that dhani is my favorite out of all of these for his atitude to get the band up and running with out using his last name. His music is also very good, has kinda a cream/Hendrix/Psychadelic thing going on that is unique with great songwriting. I would suggest checking them out.
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