Sheldon is in his spot Leggere scientific american when Amy comes in and says "WHAT ARE te DOING IT IS ARE ANNIVERSARY. te WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE RESTAURANT AN ora AGO!!!!"
"what?" detto Sheldon
Amy leaves and slams the door behind her and goes to penny's. Amy knocks very harshly.
"hay Amy whats new " detto penny.
Amy lets herself in sits on the divano and says "Sheldon is jerk and I'm never speaking to him again"
"I detto whats new but ok" detto penny.
"what happend" detto penny
"he didn't mostra up for are anniversary" detto Amy.
meanwhile at Sheldon's place Lenard and Sheldon are standing round the kitchen.
"what did I do wrong"said Sheldon
"well te should of showed up" detto Lenard
"but it's not are's tomorrow"said Sheldon
"wow..your correct" detto Lenard
Lenard walks away.
"wait" detto Sheldon running after him
"what do I do now" detto Sheldon
"talk to her" detto Lenard.
they go to penny's
*knock knock knock* "mad Amy" *knock knock knock* "mad Amy" *knock knock knock* "mad Amy"
Amy risposte the door and says "what do te want"
"i need to tell te that I'm not are" says Sheldon
"wait wait wait listen.. are anniversary is tomorrow." says Sheldon
"oh...sorry"says Amy
"it's ok" says Sheldon
and they kiss...