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Fan fiction by BigBangMad2005 posted più di un anno fa
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It is night and Sheldon is in letto when suddenly Arthur shows up.
"Why are te here" detto Sheldon
"I don't know" sad Arthur
"It could be because I'm going to France with Amy" detto Sheldon
"well...why would that be bad" detto Arthur
"I'm going to be proposing to her" detto Sheldon
"W-w-what" detto Arthur
"I detto I'll be proposing" detto Sheldon
"Well...are te ready" detto Arthur
"Yes...she has been so patient with me I want to mostra her how much I care" detto Sheldon
"Ok" detto Arthur
"Well....bye" detto Arthur

*the leaving giorno the air port*
"I can't believe we're going to France" detto Amy

*at the hotel at dinner*
"Amy.........will te marry me

*to be continued*

Fan fiction by JDbang posted più di un anno fa
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Sheldon was sitting on the bench in the hall way he see's Penny and says"Oh hey".So Penny come's over and says"You allright" Sheldon groaned.So Sheldon said"can te go get Lenard?" "Ok"replied Penny so she goes off.Penny got Lenard so Penny took Lenard to Sheldon and Lenard says"What's wrong?" Sheldon replies"Can te look at my logic book plz".So Lenard looked at his book and Lenard said,"wow" awnser some domande plz.So Lenard awnser domande and said"I know this one it is 8"
"No"replied Sheldon.So Lenard never did logic again

The End.
Fan fiction by BigBangMad2005 posted più di un anno fa
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everyone is running in to the paint ball base.
"we cant do it" detto lenard
is that the atitude that helped te get penny" detto Sheldon
"no but i dont have 7 seasons to make that team feel sorry for me" detto Lenard
"hes not wrong" detto howard
"we just can do this" detto Lenard
"well we have to try" detto Sheldon
"........ok then" detto Lenard as they charged out and............destroyed everyone in sight.
they went home with the smell of victory... and paint.

*the successivo day*
they went in with lots of confidence. and came out second.

*the successivo successivo day*
they came back 3rd

*the successivo successivo successivo day*
there in the living room eating indian food.
"eh" detto raj
"what?" detto howard
"why indian"said raj
"because te scored the winning shot" detto Howard
"i for one am not happy" detto Sheldon
"get over it'' detto Lenard
"i cant" detto Sheldon
"why" detto Lenard
Fan fiction by BigBangMad2005 posted più di un anno fa
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howard is in the cucina eating a bowl of crunch berrys. burnadet
walks in say "good morrning" and opens the frige. when she does everythink falls out and she says "howard we do need tho start eating this food"
"there is only one person in the wourld that coul eat all that food...mum...but know...lets have everyone over" detto howard
"really have everyone over to eat...*looking for food* string chease" detto burnadet
"ok...lets have everyone over for...puding" detto howard
"reslly?" detto burnadet
"whats in the freever?" detto howard
he opens the freever and in comes poring out.
so... ill call everyone" detto burnadet

*the successivo day*
howard and burnadet are in the cucina making cena while everyone else is in the living room. burnadet sees a racoon.
"is that a racoon" she detto
oh yah... well go get rid of it" detto howard .
burnadet went to get rid of it and when she came back she saw howard witth a fuoco extinguisher puting out a fuoco in the oven.
Fan fiction by BigBangMad2005 posted più di un anno fa
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Sheldon is in his spot Leggere scientific american when Amy comes in and says "WHAT ARE te DOING IT IS ARE ANNIVERSARY. te WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE RESTAURANT AN ora AGO!!!!"
"what?" detto Sheldon
Amy leaves and slams the door behind her and goes to penny's. Amy knocks very harshly.
"hay Amy whats new " detto penny.
Amy lets herself in sits on the divano and says "Sheldon is jerk and I'm never speaking to him again"
"I detto whats new but ok" detto penny.
"what happend" detto penny
"he didn't mostra up for are anniversary" detto Amy.
meanwhile at Sheldon's place Lenard and Sheldon are standing round the kitchen.
"what did I do wrong"said Sheldon
"well te should of showed up" detto Lenard
"but it's not are's tomorrow"said Sheldon
"wow..your correct" detto Lenard
Lenard walks away.
"wait" detto Sheldon running after him
"what do I do now" detto Sheldon
"talk to her" detto Lenard.
Opinion by AoifeF1 posted più di un anno fa
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Sheldon was raised in Galveston, Texas da his mother, Mary Cooper, an overtly devout Evangelical Christian and George Cooper. The only member of his family to have encouraged his work in science was his grandfather, who died while Sheldon was still a child. His aunt also encouraged Sheldon da giving him medical equipment, "in case his work in physics failed."

He was interested in physics from an early age, and was a child prodigy, although due to his behavioral quirks and his lack of humility about his superior intellect, he was bullied da classmates and neighbors. Sheldon entered college at the age of eleven, and at age fourteen he graduated from college summa cum laude. From then he worked on his doctorate, was a visiting professor at the università of Heidelberg in Germany, and was the youngest person at the time to receive the Stevenson Award. Sheldon is now a theoretical physicist doing research at Caltech.

Opinion by bradetown posted più di un anno fa
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Opening Scene

Penny, Bernadette, and Amy are out on the town, celebrating Penny getting the successivo set of Preparation H commercials. Raunchy jokes centering on “alternative” uses of preparation H are exchanged. Bernadette makes a commento that Howard likes how it helps “awkward” itches but makes his jewels smell “fresh”. Amy alludes to how Sheldon can give every possible use of KY gelatina but what’s it’s really used for. [Laugh track] Penny consoles Amy that she will be satisfied some day. The bar tender brings a tray full of shooters and leaves. Bernadette commenti on his tush and Amy responds that Penny’s is nicer….

Fade to drinks and loud music……

Scene II

It’s morning and Penny is in letto in Amy’s bedroom. She stirs, moaning about another hangover. She looks under the sheets, realizing she’s nude! She exclaims “What the hell!” Camera pans to right, mostrare Amy with a wistful smile, calmly asleep. Penny creeps out of letto and sneaks from the room. Camera successivo shows Penny finishing getting dressed as Amy enters from bedroom, wearing her bath robe. Amy smiles and asks “how’s my BFF?” Penny...
News by sgsmo posted più di un anno fa
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On 25 April, drama and comedy series, The Big Bang Theory is going to premiere twenty first episode of its sixth season. The interlude is named as ‘The Closure’. The scoop of the episode is available here! Sheldon’s upcoming preferito Televisione gets cancelled and when Sheldon comes to know about the news, he feels sad and thinks that he is lost.Amy is trying to make him feel good and tells him that the mostra will
be premiered very soon. Things go upside down for Raj, when he finds that his Amore interest, Lucy has some secrets, which she is hiding from him.

invia Your Reviews, Read News and Watching The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 21 Full Then link
Opinion by MoniDonald posted più di un anno fa
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The Egg insalata Equivalency is 12th episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’.Along with other episodes of the season, this installment is filled with lots of laughter and Joy. Here, Sheldon will come up with troubles, which further will others to face them. Sheldon appears with a trouble, where he tells about the condition, where he is charged with sexually harassment. He tells about the accused to the other members of group, which takes the team to face trouble for him. On the other side, Alex’s reactions are making Penny to feel insecure. The episode will be premiered on 3rd January’s night. Visit the link to watch full episode.

Review by eliza25 posted più di un anno fa
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Big Bang Theory Rubik's Cube tissue box!!


How cool are they!! Bought my boyfriend one and him and his mates Amore it!

Most of them are made in us, but this particular seller is in the UK and is selling them so much cheaper than the others on there!!


Hope te all find this helpful as I know a lot of the guys on the forum were talking about them.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Big Bang Theory peeps!
News by FreddyKoko posted più di un anno fa
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Hi The Big Bang Theory fans!

We have just received some breaking news that Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Televisione Group announced a partnership today with Cryptozoic Entertainment™. Cryptozoic is best known for developing and licensing games such as World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game and The Walking Dead™ Board Game. Scheduled to release in April of 2012, Cryptozoic will be unveiling a new multiplayer card game called The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game. Players of The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game will compete da pairing category cards with mostra insider phrases and references earning points based on judging and ranking the card combinations – the player with the most points wins. te can find più information and the official press release exclusively from Warner Bros. Televisione Media To Go.

Warner Bros. Televisione Media To Go Link: link

List by shenelopefan posted più di un anno fa
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The TBBT Rules (part 2)
As I promised, another 50 rules to your life

51. "Mobster sauce" is the kind of sauce that mobsters like

52. If Sheldon says something normal, then that´s a Bazinga

53. If your bedroom says "Die, Sheldon, die", then te should maybe repaint

54. Missing Comic Com is a reason to cry

55. If te like bugs, you´ll never get a Shiksa godess

56. Jewish don´t have hell, they have acd refluz

57. Who doesn´t have a master degree?

58. Do not zaz your mother in esquimal language

59. Don´t ever speak about the nigth that the heat went off

60. To pick up women in a Comic Book store, te have to lear how to draw

61. te can learn swimming in the Internet

62. Don´t ever kid about maths and sex

63. "Fine" is a good word. te put it in front of "wine" o "dinning" and te really get something

64. If te have a coupon from the paper, then go to oliva Garden
List by shenelopefan posted più di un anno fa
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A lista of 50 simple rules from The Big Bang Theory

TBBT Rules

1. For some reason, Captain Sweat Pants has always to be in the comic book store

2. If te daydream with Bolliwood, that doesn´t make te gay

3. If te don´t check your messages, we will descend to anarchy

4. The fourth Harry Potter movie was just fine

5. Everything beats "Enchanted bunny"

6. The Chesscake Factory freezer locks out from the outside

7. te don´t watch Babylon 5

8. "It´s not what it looks like" means "It is what it looks like"

9. te only can drink hot Cioccolato in months with an "r" on them

10. te can swear to cow

11. If te smile, try not to kill Batman

12. Only Meemaw can call te Moonpie

13. Three against Sheldon means that you´re taking the train

14. Whispering "Do not make a sound" it´s a sound

15. Be afraid of chicken
Fan fiction by SenTay posted più di un anno fa
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Raj: I still don't know why the new Batman movie isn't going to have the Joker in it.

(Sheldon and Leonard look at him like he's crazy)

Sheldon: Raj, te do know he's dead, right?

Raj: I've seen The Dark Knight three times and they did not kill off the Joker.

Lenard: But the guy who played him is.

(Sheldon nods vigorously)

Raj: So? If they can recast Victoria in every single Twilight movie without a legitimate reason, they can certainly recast a dead guy.

Lenard: I'm più concerned that you've seen every single Twilight movie without a legitimate reason.

Raj: Twihater!

(Howard enters)

Howard: But mom! Come on please! Fine, we'll do what te want! Again! (Nervous) I'm sorry, Mommy! (Hangs up)

Lenard: Way to have a backbone!

Howard: The sad thing is I was on voice mail!

Raj: (Imitating whip noise) Fapew, Fapew

List by simpleplan posted più di un anno fa
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The Doppler effect makes a really cool Halloween costume!

te can't learn Morse code at 3 AM.

Gravity is a heartless bitch

Once your mind is "pre-blown", it cannot be "re-blown

Pajamas were invented in India. You're welcome.

One would rather watch season 2 of Battlestar Gallactica with commentary than have a woman over for dinner.

stella, star Trek and stella, star Wars are two separate things. Seriously.

It doesn't matter if your children are non-existent, as long as they're smart and beautiful.

5318008 entered into a calculator spells “boobies” upside down.

Everyone Loves LOLcats.

Newton was one smart cookie.

What happens at Comic Con stays at Comic Con.

Sheldon is Batman.

It is alright to drink latte that taste funny.

One cries because one is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad.
Opinion by robothor11 posted più di un anno fa
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I was at a sexual assault and relationship violence workshop today at school, required for all freshmen. And some of the examples of relationship abuse made me think of my preferito Televisione show, The Big Bang Theory. These particular examples are not violence, death threats, o rape. They were listed under the category that some people will heartlessly argue is not abuse, which makes it worse for the people who are being abused because they are misunderstood.

And it chilled me to realize that Leonard Hofstadter is being abused da Priya Koothrapali.

Here are the examples that apply to Leonard and Priya.

1.    Telling the person te are dating who they may and may not hang out with.

Priya has prevented Leonard from seeing Penny, someone who was his friend for years before their now ended relationship. Priya did not ask him to stop spending time with Penny, she told Leonard that he “needed” to “cut the cord” with her. (I’m not even going to get into her Skyping her ex-boyfriend just one episode after making Leonard stop all communication with Penny.)
Opinion by Karthigesh posted più di un anno fa
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I've been on fanpop for coming onto 4 years now and I haven't quite found the time to write an articolo but this little idea was floating in my head since I woke up and I decided to share it over here...

Now when we all were growing up, in school, there were always cliques. The popolare sportsmen, the pretty popolare girls, the drama/artistic thespians in the making and then there were the science nerds.

Now I for one, belong to the very last group and even though school was miserable, and I was shunned, I actually do not regret one minuto of who I am, because being a science nerd has allowed me to hone my observation skills which has led me to Scrivere this articolo as to why I feel even though nerds were not considered "cool", if we set our cuore to it, we could get the girl/guy of our dreams.

This mostra has brought nerds and science geeks, to the forefront of cool. Suddenly experiments have become almost as interesting and captivating as magic. Lasers are much più than for making te dizzy at nightclubs and being tech-savvy these days allows te to multi-task at an incredible rate.
Opinion by robothor1111 posted più di un anno fa
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So I wrote this for my LiveJournal, but I thought I’d post it here. There are very, very minor spoilers for unaired episodes of the show, but insanely minor. Most of them are vague and I don’t know the specifics anyway.

Basically, Priya is frustrating me, but not for the reason that one may think. She’s just changing things, and in a way I don’t like. Not for my ship’s sake. Just because I don’t like drastic change, and I see that coming.

It’s Thursday. It’s Jim Parsons’ birthday. And we don’t even get a new episode of The Big Bang Theory. We don’t even get a rerun. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of college basketball. But I miss my nerds. All seven of them. I refuse to call Priya a ‘regular’ even though that’s how my Google alerts are referring to her. Sorry, sweetie.

Speaking of this newest addition, Priya, I don’t hate her. People do, sure, but I don’t. I find her a bit controlling – my mother says “she’s kind of a bitch!” – but do I want to bash her head in with a shovel? No. Apparently something is going to happen that will make us like her less in future...
Opinion by shenelopefan posted più di un anno fa
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He is one of the characters in TBBt show. He has an special condition, he suffers of selective mutims. Basicly, he can`t talk with women. Because of that there`s a lot of scenes where he actually doesn`t talk.

Until the episode "The cavalletta Experiment" we didn`t know that he can talk with women when he is drunk.

Anyway, I Amore all those scenes where the funniest part were about his face. He, as an actor, has a great talent for phisics comedy.

I mean, his expressions maka us laugh without even say a word. That`s what I like about Raj. He can`t make laugth without speaks.

Also, I Amore the way he talks, his Indian accent makes that everything that he says be funny. That`s incredible about him.

Ok, I hope te like this article.

Article by rb30999 posted più di un anno fa
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So here I am Scrivere a new articolo this time as anything that i've postato previously has actually been too long to have been just a comment. But that's the way I am.

For those of te who recognise the significance of the titolo I like te already.

For those who don't here's an explanation. This is how the First World war was referred to at the time. It was supposed to be the war to end all wars but earthlings didn't stop at that did they?
It is also an attempt to refer (jokingly) to the Leonard-Penny Sheldon triangolo being played all over the net.

I do prefer Leonard Penny and have also postato my commenti on the matter which I shall do again soon in the for of a proper article. But this one is actually my attempt to maybe resolve the so called "War"

I believe that to the delght of Sheldon fan (Not Shenny but just Sheldon), yours truly included, the solution has of course already been provided da our beloved Sheldor the Conqueror ;)
Opinion by shenelopefan posted più di un anno fa
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The theme song of TBBT is great. Explicative and has great music. The liricks are the next:

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
Then nearly fourteen billion years fa expansion started, wait...
The Earth began to cool,
The autotrophs began to drool,
Neanderthals developed tools,
We built a bacheca (we built the pyramids),
Math, science, history, unravelling the mysteries,
That all started with the big bang!

"Since the dawn of man" is really not that long,
As every galaxy was formed in less time than it takes to sing this song.
A fraction of a secondo and the elements were made.
The bipeds stood up straight,
The dinosauri all met their fate,
They tried to leap but they were late
And they all died (they froze their asses off)
The oceans and pangea
See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya
Set in motion da the same big bang!

It all started with the big BANG!
Opinion by shenelopefan posted più di un anno fa
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This TBBT friendship is one that nobody can understeands. Is the Raj ans Howard´s friendship. We know that they have Lost of things in common, like the sociological clichés and the geeky parts in their personalities. Also we know they have especial problems with women, Raj can´talk with them and Howard still living with his mother (a really gelatina mother, da the way).
But why are they just like husband and wife? In the episode 15, season 2, when Leonard´s mum appeared for the firts time, Leonard tell her about the Raj´s problem and Howard´s codition and she said: "The selective mutims and the inhabilty of separating from ones mother can stand from a pathological fear to women. It may explains why the two of te have created an homosexual marriage to satisfy your need for intimicy", leaving Howard with an incredible surprised face.
As we know, also, there´s a lot of dicussions beteween this two characthers where we can tell that Raj is the women and Howard the men in this creepy marriage. So I think that this situations always make me laugh, even the one in fourth season (episode The boyfriend complexity) when they baciare for accident and at the successivo giorno they act...
Opinion by shenelopefan posted più di un anno fa
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Reason 1: It is original. I mean, the fact of choosing nerds for the main characthers is really great. It´s funny watch how this geeks are trying so hardly to be normal.
Reason 2: Penny´s characther. She is just a beautifull girl who change, in some ways the life of this geeks. I mean, thanks to her, Raj discovered that he can talk to women when his drunk; Howard is always flirting with her, Leonar fall in Amore with her and Sheldon has make a lady friend who can stand da him.
Reason 3: the situations. The problem who this guys (and girl) must resolved are so funny. I mean, the akward conversartions with women, and all the Penny´s ex-boyfriends, and even all Sheldon´s enemies.
Reason 4: The details. This are just little things that i´d like to point:
.sheldon´s t shirts
.Leonar´s high
.Penny´s ignorance
.Raj´s cliche
.howard´s arachide, arachidi alergy
.Sheldon´s obsesions
.Howard´s Clothes
.Leonard´s mum
.Sheldon´s mum
Opinion by shenelopefan posted più di un anno fa
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The past January 16, the Golden Globe ceremony was celebrated. We now that, unfortunally, The big bang theory did not won the Golden Globe for the Best Comedy o Musical. But, we know that Jim Parsons won the Golden Globe for the best comedy o musical actor and he really desearves it.
I watched the video of this moment, when Kaley Couco almost started to cry wheh Jim gave the speech. I cpuld tell that he was really exited because he was speaking really fast and I think he couldn`t bread, poor dear!
Anyway I think that he is such a good actor and he is really funny. Also i think his so hot! Too bad he is homosexual, but I knew he is gettin`g married with his boyfriend so I wish nothing più that happyness to his life and I hope that TBBT win the Golden Globe successivo year.



List by User20392 posted più di un anno fa
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Howard Wolowitz
Please, please don't use this article. The Citazioni and immagini aren't mine, but the articolo is, so please don't use it.

Howard Wolowitz

Season 1

[trying to assemble Penny's new wardrobe, Leggere the instructions]
Wolowitz: Oh, boy! I was afraid of that!
Leonard: What?
Wolowitz: These instructions are a pictographic representation of the least imaginative way to assemble these components. This, right here, is why Sweden has no spazio program
"The Big Bran Hypothesis".

Sheldon: I have got the Sword of Azeroth!
Leonard: Forget the sword, Sheldon. Help Raj.
Sheldon: There is no più Sheldon. I am the sword master!
Wolowitz: Leonard, look out!
Leonard: Damn it, Sheldon, we're dying here.
Sheldon: Goodbye, peasants.
Leonard: Bastard teleported!
Raj: He's selling the Sword of Azeroth on eBay.
Leonard: te betrayed us for money? Who are you?