Pilot Part One: Mike and Carol introduce their kids, announce there marriage, and Carol meets Alice.
Pilot Part Two: The kids bond, Mike and Carol elope, and Alice starts dating the local butcher.
Bulimic: Mike and Carol find out Marcia is bulimic, Peter starts cooking, and Cindy is ridiculed for her walk.
Father's Day: Mike takes Peter, Cindy, and Bobby out for the holiday, Marcia and Jan visit there dad for the weekend, Greg talks to Carol about never knowing his father.
Caught: Greg makes his first C, Jan is caught sneaking out to a party, and Bobby hides a stray in the clubhouse.
Nightmares: Peter witnesses a dog being killed, Cindy has horrible nightmares, and Mike's Post-traumatic stress surfaces.
Fat: Peter's can't fix enough Cibo to satisfy his new girlfriends hunger, Alice wants to lose weight, and the family learns that Bobby has type 1 diabetes.
Genius: Jan steals Greg's old middle school term paper, Cindy starts painting, and Greg is diagnosed with low latent inhibition.
Death: Peter's Ex is killed in a car crash, Carol talks to Alice about her brother's death, Jan asks what happened to Mike's first wife.