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Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between.
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1."How Soon Is Now?"-Love Spit Love(I know this song is originally da The Smiths but I like this version better.)
2."Animal"-Neon Trees
3."The Wolf"-Fever Ray(I know that the titolo doesn't really say Cullen but the song itself does.)
4."Zombie"-The Pretty Reckless
5."Strange"-Tokyo Hotel feat. Kerli
7."Monster Hospital"-Metric
8."Trap Of Mirrors"-Pass
9."Superhuman Touch"-Athlete
10."All te Wanted"-Sounds Under Radio
11."Longest Night"-Howie Day
12."Consoler of The Lonely"-The Raconteurs
13."It Is What It Is"-Lifehouse
14."Wild Place"-Glass Pear
15."All Around Me"-Flyleaf
16."Stay Awake"-All Time Low
17."Break"-Three Days Grace
18."Dance in the Dark"-Lady Gaga
19."We are Family"-Sister Sledge(This is just a cute song.)
20."Ghost Opera"-Kamelot
21,"I Will Follow te Into The Dark"-Death Cab For Cutie
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