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la scelta dei fan: Ugh..No, it was terrible!
Ugh.. No, it was terrible!
Yes, I loved it!
la scelta dei fan: Bo
la scelta dei fan: Roscoe
Boss Hogg
la scelta dei fan: Yes!! He was so loving!
Yes!! He was so loving!
No! Too strict!!
la scelta dei fan: Bo Duke
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Littlelbutt detto …
Amore the Dukes an wish they where still on TV reruns ok with mee postato ·4 mesi fa
cburch2 detto …
i Amore dukes of hazzard postato più di un anno fa
LadyNottingham detto …
Sorry, had a mishap with my precedente comment... I just wanted to says that I watch that mostra (nos on DVD) just for Rosco & Boss Hogg, and the General Lee. The car is amazing, but the alchemy of actors between James Best and acetosa Booke was even più amazing ! postato più di un anno fa
GeorgeCrooner commentato…
The Dukes of Hazzard became well-known in creating great tricks and special effects from all of its episodes. At the end of each episodes, you’ll notice the great improvements on the scriptwriting and you’ll get hooked into this show. Being inspired da a movie entitled “The Moonrunners” – this mostra still remained to be unique in its own style. I ordered a DVD Copy of this mostra which I purchased link - it came in good shape provided with good audio and video quality and I’m glad that DVDBooth produced a decent copy of this. If te need a good mostra that brings pure entertainment, te should definitely take time to watch this once more. più di un anno fa