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"Someone care to remind me why we're in Nico's cabin, yet he's not even here?" The son of Thanatos asked the rest of them. "Or his girlfriend for that matter." Slate snickered at Carter.
"That is not true! Sadie and me are here, we just couldn't care less about one of Carter's Harvard lectures." Nico detto coming in. "We were just in the game room."
"I'm sure," Jace detto sarcastically and Maya elbowed him. "By the way, when did Percy fall asleep? And how, because I want to follow suit." Annabeth rolled her eyes at Percy, then flicked him until he woke up, which would take quite a while.
"What should...
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posted by Persephone16
Hey, this is a one-shot I postato on People seemed to like it, so I thought I'd post it on here.
It's a Harry Potter fic. JamesxLily and how they got together. So, yeah...tell me what te think...

Rating: Ya
Type: Friendship, Romance
Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns Harry Potter and all its characters, not me.
I didn't write the Citazioni below, not sure who did...but I don't own them.


Love isn't finding someone te can live with, it's finding someone te can't live without.

You gotta take some chances, te gotta risk losing it all, te gotta close your...
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posted by Mayla4president

Believe me, I never thought I would end up being with Percy Jackon. I used to dream about Jason at night...did I just say that? My cheeks are burning brightly but it is true. So heres the story.

The ship was landing and oh-my-gods I was going crazy. People were rushing everywhere and my hair was a mess. No joke. I couldn't find my other pretear and I was hyperventalating in the inside. And pretty much on the outside. I was probably mostrare my emotions so much that if Lupa were here I'd be dead. Thank the Gods she isn't. o is she?...get back on track! Reyna focus! Find Percy and tell hi-...
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A/N: Hope te enjoy my first PJO fan fic! Please review!

(Annabeth's Point of View)

Chapter One: Arguing and Agreeing

I can't remember the Last time Seaweed Brain and I fought. But I do know it doesn't happen as often as it used to.

That's why this time; it was a lot più serious.

You see, Percy and I used to be like best Friends and all, and we used to argue a lot. I think it's in the genes. Our parents, Athena (my mom) Goddess of wisdom and Poseidon (Percy's dad) God of the sea, really don't like each other. Anyways, Percy and I started going out about a anno ago. Now we don't fight as much. In...
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posted by RomanGreekDemi
In a FUTILE EFFORT TO appease Asmadasahater (did I get your name right?)...Okay, anyways, THIS IS A SONGFIC. THERE, HAPPY?

Title: Futile Efforts
Rating: C (T on Fanficion.Net
Type: Humor/Family
Synopsis: Play-by-play of a regular giorno for our preferito son of Hypnos with Annabeth and Percy desperately trying to wake him up. Of course, it's a futile effort.
Characters: Clovis & Annabeth C.
Disclaimer: I'm not going to bother.
Today I don't feel like doing anything.

"Clovis! Hey, Clovis!"

Clovis half-heard Annabeth yelling at him while he floated half-way between the dreamy world and the real one....
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Chapter 2: Arguing and Apologizing

I got up early successivo morning, really unenthusiastic about it. I couldn't believe I would have to spend an entire giorno with Percy.

Okay, under normal circumstances, I would have been overjoyed. But these circumstances were not normal.

I got ready for the morning really quietly, since my cabina mates were still sleeping. I walked out onto the grounds and headed for the Armory, where Percy and I would finish the chariot the children of Hephaestus had started.

When I reached the cabin, Percy was already up and working. I have to admit, I was impressed. Percy wasn't exactly...
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posted by Rainshadows156
Albus got off the train slowly and dreadfully.He couldn't see Hogwarts from where he stood except for the tips of a tower. Ablus searched for James calling out his name over the crowd of students.
He caught of glimpse of magical carriages carrying students away. Threastrels.(A/N i know I can't spell it) Albus sighed in relief. James lied.
Then he heard a voice. A loud kind voice shouting above all the others.
"First years! FIRST YEARS! Over here! To the boats!"
Hagrid. He had visited the Potters many times. Albus was glad he knew him. He saw the towering man near the lake. Waving his...
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posted by Persephone16
Hello people! Okay, so I read the rules and I think I'm doing this right. If I'm not....someone tell me and I'll fix it.
So, in English we had to write these short story things and this is mine. I just wanted to see what te guys thought of my writing.
This isn't a fanfiction of any book o anything, I wrote it all...I hope it's allowed...anyways, on with the story.

Rating: YA
Type: Action, Mystery, Romance...

Secrets of the Shadows

“Why are we here, Ethan?” Sarah whispered as we moved through the cemetery. It was a cool, quiet night with the moon glaring down at us. No one was around, but considering...
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posted by Kronos429
can te guys tell me if my first chapter (so far) is good? Thanks a lot.So its really short but plz commento and criticize if te feel need.


Jason was restless, Leo was hyped up (as usual), Thalia looked sick, and Annabeth was sulking. Piper couldn't blame them, she felt sick herself.
She glared at Leo as he steered the ship absently.
"Leo!" Piper exclaimed. "You're gonna get us killed!"
"Chill Beauty Queen," Leo said, grinning. "I got this."
She kept glaring at him until he sighed, defeated.
"Fine," Leo grumbled, as he took a firmer hold on the wheel.
She sighed, relieved. It wouldn't do any...
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