Thank you! ❤
I've never done this before, I'll try to keep it short and simple, so here I go! I would just like to say thank te to the judges and for all their hard work organizing this event and thank te to everyone who participated! Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I would also like to thank Dave Lu, because without him their would be no 'Dave Lu Humanitarian' award. te are all beautiful, wonderful people! I am honored that te would even think of me for this. Everyone's a winner in my books. :)

All the other nominees for this award, Ineedcoffee, Cammie, Cinders, and Amazondebs are all amazing Fanpoppers and have been nice to me ever since I came to Fanpop, which was about ten months ago. fanpop is was one the friendliest websites I've ever been on, yes it is. I was surprised I got this award - I never knew I was that nice.

This is my first Fanpoppy ever, I'm thankful that I got it. Remember everyone, good words cost no più than bad. That's all I have to say!