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 Percy Jackson
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Ball Jointed doll
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Found it and copy pasted it!!!! Enjoy!!! :D

APHRODITE - gives some background.

Okay te will want to know that Frank is a demi-god from the new book along with Hazel and of course Percy Jackson. Percy as many of te know is a demi-god from the Greek Camp Half-Blood meets the Roman Demi-gods at their equivalent CAMP JUPITER. Together the Greek and Roman demi-gods will go to war against Gaia, the earth mother and the monsters she is unleashing to destroy the world, including a fearsome giant names Altheates. In order to learn where Altheates resides, Percy, Frank, and Hazel must consult Phineas....
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Found this on link

Name: Jason
Gender: Male
Age: Fifteen, Sixteen? Fifteen, I think

About me: I’d Amore to tell te but right now, not only do I not know who my Friends are, I don’t even know who I am

Looks: Blue eyes, close-cropped hair

Distinguishing features: Scar on upper lip, tattoo on the inside of right forearm which looks like a bar code, and over that an eagle with the letters spqr

Likes: Heights

Hates: Mean kids, having no memory, Storm Spirits

Secret weapon: A cerchio of oro the size of a half-dollar, but più uneven and thicker

Special powers: According to Coach Hedge, I’ve got a powerful...
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