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 oh gods.......
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Percy Jackson FIGHTS Polyphemus the Giant

Percy paces the purple carpet. Percy also known as Percy Jackson, pierces the crowd of purple toga wearing preators in New Rome; Camp Jupiter, sword in hand ready to pulverize Polyphemus if he dares to attack the Athena Parthenos, located in the Athena Pavilion. Besides him is his best friend Piper McLean, in her hand is her dagger Katopris. With the help of Piper, Goddess Persephone, & Lord Pluto/Hades Percy will push Polyphemus back...
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Never mind the title, it's a popolare French song that my Friends had in their heads recently. If you're really interested here's the link, but it's really not necessary for you.

What is necessary is the checking out of Ella the Harpy on the Heroes of Olympus website! Actually, not even that, because here is the info!

Ella the Harpy

This is not your typical ridiculously skinny half bird half woman. Ella the Harpy is più than meets the eye, and a very useful ally for demigods Percy, Hazel, and Frank.

What does she do? If an encyclopedia could take the form of a woman (or bird), it would be Ella....
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-More Information About the Characters (article here written da Amphitrite)
-Character Info From the New Heroes of Olympus Site (once again, found here, da Amph)
-Myth and hero (same as the previous)

The last of my trio of articles. Jason. The hardest to write for sure because what we do know about Jason, as minimal, unprecise and complicated as it is, well it could all be false!

What we do know about Jason...
1. He has knowledge of the Roman myths
2. Annabeth (who knows about evrybody) and the new kids Butch don't seem to know him.
3. He speaks Latin
4. He flies
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