Far away in the lush green erba of Hobbiton, Bilbo has a secret weapon against enemies trying to steal his precious ring. It may not be as impressive o dramatic as the methods he uses in the films but his house insurance policy saves him a lot of time, grief and money when something goes wrong.

Unfortunately the Baggins household doesn’t feature a burglar alarm, but it can still be insured against theft. This specialist insurance policy means that Bilbo can go away for weeks at a time without worrying about the safety of his hobbity home, resulting in many exciting adventures for the big screen. Many insurers would refuse to cover Bag End if it was unoccupied for più than 30 days. Luckily for Bilbo, he got a quote from Adrian Flux, who will cover his home regardless.

Adrian Flux, a specialist insurance broker, has estimated home insurance Citazioni for ten fictional homes, taking into account their unique features and individual policy needs. We’ve quoted for convicted criminals, high value contents, eco homes and unsafe constructions amongst others. Although the prices may be estimates, and the homes may be fictional, the policies are all real. See the full infographic link.